Trans Escorts

To experience an intimate tryst with a Trans escort is so much more than just a kinky encounter...

One can take a step away from the status quo and venture down a path that may be slightly less trodden, perhaps even a little intimidating at first, yet all the more fulfilling due to the fact.

Imagine being on a luxurious date with a VIP companion in one of Australia's iconic metropolitan centres, Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane perhaps.


TS Dora

G. O. R. G. E. O. U. S. LADYBOY ... SEXY! Ts Dora

TS Dora | Available Angels
Ashfield , NSW

Alexis Forbes

The Only Experience

Alexis Forbes | Available Angels
Surry Hills, NSW


Hot Vicky Thai Ladyboy

VickyTs | Available Angels
Sydney CBD, NSW

Tarleena Mariaz

A Real Life Ultimate Fantasy

Tarleena Mariaz  | Available Angels
Surry Hills, NSW

Danika D

Easy going country trans-girl with a fetish streak

Danika D | Available Angels
Canberra, ACT

Trans Escorts

Quite the indulgence indeed, but lets consider for a moment that the two of you share something, a secret, a delightfully delicious secret that tantalises your desire throughout the evening teasing you with the knowledge that she, from whom you sit across, happens to possess a very unique asset and in the very near future you will be indulging in ways that until this evening was only mere fantasy.

Part of the joy of navigating the trans landscape is that it offers such a broad array of unique, exotic individuals with whom a cornucopia of untold pleasures awaits.

A playful encounter with the girl-next-door can be truly amazing in it's easy going pleasure, imagine however if that girl next door happens to be a girl with a fun little secret between her legs of which only you and she know about. An afternoon delight, sharing pleasures and experiencing new joys will ascend to something entirely new yet somehow so familiar.

Maybe the idea of giving one's self over to a statuesque Amazonian goddess appeals. Kneeling down before the object of your deepest fantasies, a tall, strong woman with the power to bend you to her will and use you as her own personal play toy, pushing your boundaries in ways you have fantasised about but were too hesitant to try.

Or perhaps a hyper-feminine ladyboy that goes above and beyond in all aspects of beauty, sex appeal and style yet possessing a gorgeous feminine appendage (pre-op)... or not (post-op). The personification of femininity, a Princess of which to worship.

If not hyper-femininity then maybe androgyny? A line blurring femme-boy, smooth to the touch yet with slightly less than feminine lines and the sexual appetite of a stag will, no doubt, broaden your horizons.

Of course, if engagement with a Trans-woman (MtF) is not exactly the experience you wish to explore then there is, of course, another, equally if not more unique possibility.

A Trans-man (FtM) can bring a more rugged dynamic to the bedroom while retaining various feminine attributes, enabling a sensuous journey of sexual enlightenment, exploration and sheer enjoyment.

Here at Available Angels, we host a broad array of highly exotic trans-gendered escorts of many different persuasions.

Our girls, and indeed guys, cater to a broad array of tastes and requirements from playfully warm, sophisticated, sensual engagements through to all aspects of kink, fetish, fantasy and Domination fantasy.

We showcase many of the most exclusive international touring companions and travelling pornstars as well as a select group of high-class local girls Escorts.

So whether you are a weary businessman who desires an extraordinary girlfriend to spice up an otherwise quiet night in an unfamiliar city with an executive companion or you're an adventurous soul, seeking to expand your erotic horizons with a delightfully unique experience, Available Angels will have the connection for you.