• MULTIPLE CITIES - 2 base locations, 1 state, touring
  • PHOTO GALLERY Unlimited
  • IMAGE LAYOUT Drag images to reorder any time
  • HIDE IMAGES Hide your XXX images from certain states
  • AVAILABLE NOW Unlimited
  • WORKING TODAY Connected to your availability
  • BOOKING CONCIERGE Unlimited + On Tour
  • DOUBLES Unlimited
  • BLOGS Unlimited
  • REVIEWS Unlimited
  • SEO Clean URLs on all your content and images, backlinking
  • DISCOUNTS Available per extended subscriptions


Why Advertise With Us?

Award Winning Directory & Home Grown Favourite
We are an Australian small business in Queensland. Industry owned and operated by mother and peer, Eden Love.
WINNER - Best Adult Website 2018 Australian Adult Industry Awards
NOMINEE - Best Industry Supporting Business 2019 Australian Adult Industry Awards
NOMINEE - Best Adult Website 2019 X Awards

Your Profile Listings

Multiple Cities - Appear on State, Base City and Surrounding City, plus extra locations whilst touring.
You also get the opportunity to be on the Home page on a random rotational basis.


Feature on our popular category pages for BBW, Mature, Porn Star and so many more.

Available Now

In January 2015 we created Australia’s first Real-Time Availability Directory.
This feature gives instant top placement for our advertisers with AVAILABLE NOW banner on profile.
We were granted our innovation patent for this model of technology shortly after launching in September 2015.
Since then other websites have adapted similar available now features however our top positioning profile placement is unmatched.
Take advantage of turning on your Available Now status and get top visibility on the home page and your city page for 2 hours. This is and always has been free.
Turn on your Twitter permissions in your profile and we tweet your availability on our timeline and yours. Another Available Angels creation.

Call To Action

We bring convenience and instant contact for your clientele with our call to action buttons.
Tap To Call or SMS, email and the “Book” button.
All are preloaded with the beginning of a conversation for your client’s convenience.
“Hi Asha, I saw you on Available Angels”.

Subscribe Service

Another Available Angels original, we brought this feature to the adult industry with our Available Now innovation in 2015.
Opportunistic clients can subscribe to your last minute availability. When you turn on your Available Now status, an instant email notifies your subscribers.
What makes this particularly convenient for your clients is that they can choose to be notified at their preferred times.

Booking Concierge

Receive automated booking requests with our same day tendering service.
Clients can send out a request to all providers that suit their preferences.
You receive full details about the booking via email (SMS coming soon).
Contact the client directly or simply respond to yes/No.

Client List

You receive notifications the moment someone subscribes to you.
Their information and preferences are stored in your dashboard. Keep track of your clients. Why not touch base with them and say hello!

Client Blocking

Got an ugly mug you don’t want watching your activity?
We have 2 levels of protection.
A Simple Block prevents users from logging into their account/using our features etc.
A Full Block prevents the user from seeing the website altogether.
Thankfully we have not had to use the Full Block thus far.

Free Touring

Go anywhere in Australia and International with Available Angels. No extra "touring account" needed, these are unlimited and FREE!

Free Doubles
Advertise your doubles profile for free with another advertiser. 


We made an “add to my calendar” button beside your tour.
Clients can save your tour straight to their phone's calendar with one tap. The date of your tour and your profile link is automatically inserted their ical, yahoo, or google calendar. We are literally putting you into their phones. 

Emergency Hide

Turn off your profile if you need to hide it temporarily. 

Social Media Integration and Promotion

We tweet so you don’t have to!
Hook up your twitter and when you are available now, on tour, etc, we tweet it!
They appear on your profile and ours.
You can also tweet anytime directly from your profile!

Escort Interviews

Feel like a celebrity and get an Escort Interview.
We learn about you and ask some fun questions about your lifestyle and services.
A promotional banner for your interview features on our home page until the next interview goes live. This also gets posted on our Instagram and Twitter.

Extra Exposure

  • Banners: 
    Go big! If you love your banner on your profile, you can be displayed on our city pages slideshows.  

    They are capped at 10 per location.
  • Blogs:
    Write your musings, your FAQs, talk about your lunch. We don’t mind what you do with this space, it is a free platform to talk about anything you wish. Heck, you can even promote something there. 
  • Specials: 
    We are the only Australian site that has a dedicated Specials page.  

    Although specials don’t suit some brands, there are workers who use specials as a marketing tool and we have built this space for you. 
    It also gets duplicated to your profile too!
  • Reviews/Recommendations: 
    Clients can leave a recommendation for you right on your profile. We are soon collating these to a review page for general browsing purposes.