How To Write The Perfect Escort Biography

Writers block?
Coming up with a kick ass bio is harder than it looks.
You know you're good at some stuff and want to share your magic but don't know how to begin? I've come up with my top 5 tips on how to write the perfect bio for your escort portfolio.

Before I started escorting I browsed many different kinds of escort portfolios.
I decided not what kind of escort I wanted to be, but instead what kind of clientele I wanted to attract, and it all started from there.

I want you to imagine your perfect client. What do they look like? What is their career? What kind of money do they spend, and what kind of habits or hobbies does they have.
Will they dine with you and what topics of conversation will you discuss?
Do they book overnights, or will they have a quick raunchy afternoon with you?
Maybe he's a worthless pay pig who doesn't deserve your affection or a sub that wants a good spanking.
Who is your perfect client? Write to them.
With your perfect date in mind, it will feel more like you are writing to someone you already know and the words will flow.

You are ten times more than just your services and in a busy market, clients want to know that little bit more about what makes you,!
Seduce him. I already know you're good at it. That's why you're here.
Not the conversationalist or companion type? No worries. There's clients for you too.
If you're a short time pse type of angel, give your client a sexy penthouse worthy snippet about how you drip in anticipation at the thought of seeing a total stranger. How you love a "shut up and take me against the wall" quickie.
Did it just get hot in here? You pictured that right? Well so too did your reader and after picturing a session with you they'll be in your apartment in a flash and out the door just as fast.

Sorry to burst your creative bubble but you need to do your homework.
When you've been in the industry as long as I have you read a lot of biographies and so has your potential client. Know your cliches. Read as many bios as you possibly can.
Notice any similarities? Some bios read exactly the same only to have a few words swapped around.
Some profiles pop and when they do I'm like "damn why didn't I think of that?!".

Keep. It. Simple. Stupid.
No one here is calling you stupid of course. ;-)
Thanks to the US navy this phrase was coined in 1960 regarding that systems work best when kept simple.
The majority of users on Available Angels are men. We have two typical types; those that are too horny to read or those that are too busy. Men are visual creatures and lots of content can be visually annoying.
So how do you say a lot about yourself without saying A LOT about yourself?
Between 100 and 300 words is the optimal amount to get your message across.
Create a brand.
Get to the point as fast as you can.
Throw in some descriptive words to paint a picture.
Leave a lasting remark and always supply an option to read more such as our 
Escort Interviews page and of course your own website or social media accounts.
We actually have clients who book escorts just from reading our interviews page. They love it!

If you are still stuck for ideas, we are always happy to polish up your profile, but if you really want to bring in the big guns, a professional content writer can help you make your mark on the industry.
A writer's job is to find out your personality and bring it to life in your portfolio.
Branding gurus like 
Sin by Design can take this task off your hands. 

Cop out or genius?
It’s ok if you're not a writer. Your time and talents are needed elsewhere.
It takes a long time to get it right and even then you'll probably change it a million times. I certainly do!
A couple of minutes can turn into a couple of hours before you know it.

Whether you're a budding Shakespeare or the strong silent type, just remember there is no one like you and your bio is just the beginning.

Much love and good luck!

Xx Eden Love
Owner Available Angels