Punting - Chanelling Ambivalence To Positive Use

That feeling you get post booking.

Do you find a quiet joy in knowing you've been up to something your daily world would never suspect you'd have the balls to do?

Its always the quiet ones isn't it?

And its a powerful feeling. 

And then, a completely conflicting mixture of guilt and pride.
How is that so?

How can one feel so high and low at the same time?

Ambivalence is a wonderous thing isn't it?

Whatever your reasons for seeking the services of an escort, whether single or partnered, the act of paid sex brings so much energy and often overwhelming positive behaviour, even if there's an element if guilt behind it. Guilt can push you for self improvement.

Are you a little bit less grumpy?
A little bit more confident?
A little bit more inspired?
Maybe you want to be a better lover? 

Maybe you realise you haven't been the most attentive partner yourself. 

Or perhaps its opened a door to the realization perhaps you need a little something more?

All questions for your own reflection time.

For now, in this moment I hope you enjoy the mystery of your secret life and let that energy and teachings flow through to your personal life.

Be better.

You know that version of yourself that you are in a booking?

Be him.