How To Book An Escort 101

How to book an escort.. here’s some helpful tips for the first timers or guys who are unsure on the standards we appreciate when clients book us.

So — you have decided to see an escort , but you don’t know what to do?

You’ve browsed a few websites , seen some photos. Maybe even spoke to a few girls... but still didn’t take the leap?

Well I definitely understand how hard it is to choose someone with so many beautiful girls how do you choose the right one ? What if you don’t click?

There must be a million questions your worried about.


First things first. Once you’ve googled a few websites and picked your favourite one your going to choose from , you’ve found the girl. Make sure her pics are verified. This will be stated on the ad. On SB it’s in a big box under the description section saying ‘ PHOTOS VERIFIED ‘ for us to get that verification we have to jump through hoops for the website to approve us. They have seen us and know that we match our photos — hence being verified.

This will eliminate fakes. A lot of sex workers keep thier face concealed for privacy, you can ask for a selfie to be sent with the face cut off or blurred some will allow it, some will not . If they choose not to respect that choice. It’s thier discretion.  

For me, I have a selfie album on Scarlet Blue which I keep updated with REAL photos of myself. A lot of other women have a work Twitter where they upload videos or pics of themselves, this is another way to see what they look like.


Make sure you read the ad, this is vital. We know men are visual creatures who see a hot photo and scroll past all the vital information to get to the phone number only to ask us everything that’s stated in the ad. One thing I learnt very fast — a client should only ask you 4 - 6 questions. If any more he’s wasting your time... this has proven over time to be very true.

A lot of women will explain everything you need to know in the ad so upon booking her there is very little to discuss except time and place and any other questions you may have. If she knows you have read the ad — trust me you will definitely get brownie points. It shows you took the time out to read and get to know her , see what she is all about. If her rates are in your budget , if she offers the service your seeking & to see if your both a good match. You can view the rates , where she’s located , if she does incalls or outcalls - her do’s and don’t’s. The ad has a lot of info that you would miss if unread.


Finally! Let’s make contact. There are very many ways to contact a SW but the more effort you put into the text the more she will appreciate and show a smidgen of who you are as a person. You can get so much out of a small text than you realise.

Examples of what isn’t appreciated.

‘ Hey bb’ ‘ Available’ ‘ Hey , I’m 22 , I have a big wang come to my place now so we can bang’ ‘ hey you available’ ‘ hey’ ‘ hi’ ‘ sup’ ‘ hey babe ‘ ‘Do you want a big dick. I’m horny ‘ followed by a dick pic.

None of these starters are a turn on — in fact the are a turn off. Yes they are direct and yes we are sex workers but we still deserve to be ‘ wooed ‘ a little with some manners , after all , we still are regular people. You don’t walk up to a chick at a bar pull down your pants and show her your penis with the catch phrase ‘ like my big dick? Wanna have sex’ I’m pretty sure she would slap you. No , instead you would do things differently.

Texts that do work are ‘ Hi my name is ___ I am staying at ___ I would love to book you for __ (Insert duration )  at __ ( insert time). I see you do _ service. Please send more information regarding that service. Hope to hear from you soon.

If you have lost the link to her ad which can happen ,we understand you browse a lot of girls , you’ve been busy. One worded questions appear rude. So don’t say ‘ send link’ ‘Link now’ ‘ pics ‘

‘ send nudes’.

What would work would be ‘ please send more information regarding your service , and please send your link again as I’ve happened to have lost it. ‘

Manners and being polite will get you further than your short questions.

We understand your time poor you want to get to the point.

However this isn’t tinder where you can say ‘ hey woman come to my cave now ‘ ‘ you — sex — now! ‘ it doesn’t work that way.

You come across as rude ,abrupt and a client that we would rather not see by texting the wrong way.

If it’s your first time seeing an escort let her know she can take special care of you and explain things more throughly. If you want any extras or a particular service. Be sure to ask prior to payment or booking her. We want you to be 110 % happy when you arrive.


Once that’s underway and you’re all set to go. All sex workers run their business different ways just because one did something one way - the other will do something completely different.

Cash can be accepted , some do eftpos and direct debit transfers. However the new big thing that’s better than PAYID is the Beemit app. It’s completely confidential and I can not stress how easy this app is to use once installed and for taking and sending payments. Be sure to have this app installed it’s free to download , easy and quick to set up. Once installed you can use your username to send , request or even split payments if your out with your mates somewhere with separate payments at the restaurant counter.

However for us , to send money is super simple , and on your bank statements it appears as Beemit. No username , no other information — we both can’t see each other’s info and this app was invented by the commonwealth bank! So it’s the real deal! The payment will go through instantly no matter what bank your with.

Direct debit transfers take up to 3 days and can be reversed,  they are very untrustworthy , most wont take payment that way.

Deposits are usually required by sexworkers - again some charge deposits some don’t. You will need to ask about this before booking her. Some advertise this , some won’t. But it’s one thing to ask. By taking deposits for us , not only does it secure your booking and time , but it eliminates the fakes , the no shows, the fake address senders etc.

Part of the booking process , some ask for a photo of your ID , selfie of you , or some ask for bill statements. This is all confidential and is not shared information. For me , I ask for a selfie and a deposit and I delete the photos as soon as I see them. I do not need to keep them and for me I like to know

who to expect. Brisbane is a small world. Everyone has their own reasons. But if your not comfortable sharing that information simply say so and move onto the next person.


Always arrive on time or earlier, punctuality is huge. We all run on schedules and allocate time for everyone , so if your late like any business it sets us back and we will need to push back all our appointments for the day because one person is late. Most people will allow a particular time slot between bookings to allow time for the late ones. We all know traffic can be hectic or your leaving work late. Something can happen.  Most allow ten minutes if any longer. Most will cancel your booking or reschedule if you can not make it , do not no show , there is nothing ruder ! Always text to tell her , so then if someone else was waiting for that time slot they can take your place. After all , she did schedule time in for YOU and canceled everyone else to see YOU.

On arrival - you don’t need to bring gifts like flowers , chocolate , it’s not expected but it’s a nice gesture if you do . Once you come inside , pay upfront. If she offers a shower first , always take it.

If not and you happen to shower before arriving — hygiene is paramount , wear deodorant , smell nice. Wash all your bits , Brush your teeth. Brush your hair.  Put a little effort in.

Out of the shower and into the bed.

Do not push any boundaries by asking for things you know she doesn’t do, or for extras for free , Or more time for free , her real name , or if she doesn’t offer kissing and the whole time you’re trying to sneak in some kisses. This will only have your booking terminated with no refunds.

Once you have completed the deed you can choose to have a shower or not — have some small chit chat & snuggles  , a massage if she offers that or you can choose to leave.


if you had a good time , tell her. Leave her a lovely review on her ad or you can text her. She will appreciate that feedback and it will definitely earn you brownie points the next time you see her.

Well there you have it! I hope you enjoyed the read it’s never easy choosing someone — I hope this helps.

Happy punting! Xx

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