How To Become An Escort

Here at Available Angels we get many requests to asking how to become an escort. 

It is with light and love that I welcome you to our site and assist you with this guide to getting started in the escort industry. 


Ask yourself these questions. Then wait a few days, a few weeks, or even a few months if you need, then ask yourself again.

1. Why am I doing this?
Escorting is a big decision to make and yours to make alone. Read that again.
Empowerment comes from personal decision making and taking control of your life.
If it feels right at the time then it was the journey you were meant to take.
Never let anyone convince you to come into this industry, and never let yourself be convinced you can never leave. You can easily leave this industry as fast as you came in.
2. What is my goal?
Many people come in to pay a few bills, save for a house, holiday. Paying off a university debt is a popular one! I have even heard some come in for Christmas money.
I think it is important to have a goal so you have a measurable target of achievement if and when you do leave. As with any career, you want something to show for your hard work.
3. What is my back up?
It is possible once the novelty of the industry wears off, you'll be onto the next project.
Some escorts have no plans to leave. This is their job and they love it!
Others who plan on dipping their toes into this industry, feel safer doing so with a back up plan.
Lots of escorts are studying or running businesses.

There are so many facets to the adult industry. In fact, sex work doesn't always include sex!
This means you have the power to choose your level of emotional and physical involvement to your clients.
In this blog, I will cover a general foundation on sex work as an escort, and links to getting started in other sectors of the industry.

But first, a little background story about me, the owner of Available Angels.
I am a woman. I am a mother, and I am a sex worker. I have been in the industry for nearly 10 years. I offer a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.
Coupled with compassion, Available Angels is not just an advertising directory, but an experience.
So lets get started! Follow this basic step by step guide on how to get started in the escort industry.

As with anything in life, it pays to do your homework.
In my beginnings the world of prostitution was very much hush, hush.
Fortunately I was able to find organisations that support sex workers.
I got in touch with a Brisbane based organisation called RESPECT.
They were able to supply me with information, supplies, and even chatted to me about local sex worker friendly health clinics.
They were and still are a valuable resource and the first point of call I recommend to any newcomer.
Visit Scarlet Alliance (our national organisation for sex workers) to find your local communities, resources, laws and registrations.
You can also find blogs, news articles and even networking opportunities with other sex workers on social media.

This is your number one priority.
Although statistically the adult industry is low in abuse compared to other jobs, it is not completely safe.
If you are working in a brothel, the managers have steps in place to limit any unwanted encounters. Private escorts are responsible for their own safety.
Organisations will assist you with how to stay safe and often run workshops as well, so be sure to get in touch.
Get a buddy to pass your booking details onto and call each other to check in and check out.
In some states you are allowed a driver and/or security guard. Please check with your local organisations about this for private workers.
Agencies will supply you with your own driver to and from bookings and also provide you an incall space.
Learn about sexual health, safe sex and book yourself in for regular sexual health checks.
You even get a special certificate of health upon your visit. Its the gold stars of sex work.

For many months I looked at profile after profile, reading all the sexy biographies, comparing my body with these beautiful goddesses I hoped I could match up to, and deciding what kind of client I wanted.
What worked best for me was deciding what kind of clientele I wanted, rather than what kind of persona I wanted to be. I am really not good at acting so I was simply myself working as a girlfriend. This is known as GFE (girlfriend experience).
This may not work for you if you are here to explore a fantasy of your own.
For example, maybe you love living in a nuclear family by day, and by night you get to become your alter ego you've always wanted to be. The submissive sweetie, the authoritative dominatrix. Even a wild porn star or cam girl.
Take note of the services and rates sections so you have an idea of the market expectations for different budgets.

I think its safe for me to say everyone has a reasonable quality phone these days.
You can take your own pictures to begin with and once you begin working, aim for a professional photoshoot to capture who you are and bring your photos to life.

Keep your bio reasonably short but enough details to pique the interest of your client.
Clients love to know little pieces of escort's personal side as they feel relatable or can use it as an ice breaker.
So dont be afraid to mention what book you are currently reading, your favourite pet, and even hobbies as clients love to gift escorts their favourite things.
Read more here on How To Write The Perfect Escort Biography

If this sounds like a lot of work (and it can be) consider working for an agency or hiring a personal assistant.
Leave all the details and communication with the agency or establishment, whilst you just turn up and have fun and get paid.
If you still want to stay in control, hiring a personal assistant can be a time saver.
You still get to be in control of how you want your business to run, but with the benefit of a PA taking care of your enquiries. Less admin means more time.

Remember you are in control of your own body.
Establish boundaries, but also ask for what you want.
You will be pleasantly surprised to find that clients are eager to please you. So dont be afraid to tell them or show them how you like to be touched, and try something new. You just might find a whole new avenue of pleasure.