Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

  • Head over to our Sign Up page 
  • After you press 'Sign Up Now' you will be in the Dashboard
  • An Automated email is sent to you with details of features and how to fill out your profile (in case you get stuck)
  • Go to 'My Profiles' choose Edit then fill out your profile, add your images, etc.
  • Once you are happy with your profile press 'Pay & Go Live'
  • You will receive an email with instructions on how to make payment

Free Profiles also require you to click 'pay & go live' so your profile into our approvals system

International Escort and Trans Escort Profiles are currently free

How do I get my profile approved?

  • We approve all profiles to comply with state and national laws and guidelines within 24hrs (mon-fri)
  • To submit for approval, click "pay & Go Live" button on your profile editor

How Can I get more Exposure?

By clicking available now, you move to the top of the page & a tweet goes out.   We also have banners available. For more details of all our advertising options check our Advertise Page

How do I Pay?

  • Login to your account and choose 'Invoice'
  • Add your profile and any banners you wish to your checkout.  Click 'Mark as Paid' & we will process your payment
  • Payments can take up to 3 working days.  Please get in touch if you require faster approval

I want to pay longer than 1 month is that OK?

We have options to pre-pay up to 12 months for both banners & profiles.  Check our Advertising Page for details

How can I bump my profile to the Top?

In your Dashboard click 'available now'

My profile isn't showing on the website?

Your profile could be expired.  You can see any outstanding invoices on your dashboard.  If your profile is active, you may have put it in emergency hide mode so you need to make it public again

I can't see my tour listed?

Check the dates in your listed tour as they may be incorrect or prior to today  

I just wrote a new bio and it's not showing on the website?

All changes to your bio need to approved, this will take up to 34hrs

How can I hide my profile?

Login to your dashboard and click:

When you are ready to live again:

I am getting emails for booking requests, I am not sure why they are they different?

The customer has 2 methods of contact when interested in making a booking
1. Organic 

This email is titled "I saw you on Available Angels". This is the customer clicking on your email button 

2. Automated

This email is titled "Automated Booking Request".  These are a bulk enquiry to all providers matching the customer's preference via the client request form 
It contains short information such as Duration, Time,  Location and sometimes the contact details of the customer if they choose to be shown.

How can I turn on/off automated booking requests?

  • You control all your settings in your dashboard.  Choose Bookings Request Notifications tab to turn on/off these emails.
  • Turn off any locations you do not wish to receive these from. Some Fly Me To You providers click all of them as they might fly to a larger booking.
  • There is a cool button that allows you to get notified when on tour so you receive these requests as you travel around the country.
  • Bear in mind, when on tour you will not receive notifications in your base location. 

Can I suggest a feature?

Of course!  Ideas are always welcome