Touring - Rise Of Regional Escorts

Country folk, you are in for a treat!

With the effects of travel restrictions during covid-19, escorts have been getting out and about in their own home states and touring regional towns.

City life is abundant with nightlife but it too has its own limits as we all discovered during 2020. 

With that, our escorts have started to explore their own back yards and get out to regional areas to explore new ground perhaps purely for business, but also possible relocation destinations.

We have seen a rise in tours to towns with as little a population as few thousand. And we've heard the results are profitable!

The beauty about taking the road less travelled means you get to reap benefits others wont care to search.


Costs are considerably low in coastal and country towns. You can pick up some great 4 star accommodation for under $150 a night. Word of warning: motels staff are often wary of travellers so dress conservatively and book a hotels instead of motels as they often have more privacy away from watchful eyes. 

Road trips are fun and the cost of fuel is less than a plane ticket and you're not burdened by limited flight schedules which our satellite cities and regional towns are often known for.

Alternative AirBnB or Agoda Homes lets you book out entire residences to yourself.


Although country life is typically lower cost, your clients may not be on your typical city pay packet. But that does not mean he hasnt got the cash. It can mean that he punts less, but because they punt so infrequently, they are likely to commit to the booking knowing the next lady to come into town could be months away, I have heard even years in some town.

Queensland has been seeing a boom in holiday makers. So even though the populations may seem small, the visitors are quite high, in particular coastal or forest blessed locations. Your opportunity may be higher than you think.


Why wait for a lady to announce a tour? They need to know there is interest in your town, so get in touch with our escorts in Australia on Available Angels.

Deposit with your booking. This will validate your genuine interest and secure some the escort's accommodation and travel costs.

Be amazing! Available Angels prides itself of the demographic of gentlemen that use this site, so give them reason to come, and memories to return.

Use reputable escorts on Available Angels. We verify our workers so you can be assured the girl on screen is the one you will get. Avoid cheap looking websites that seem like the ads are all priced and worded similarly. Nine times it of ten, that's a fake listing.

We are not perfect but do some homework on the escort you are making a deposit with and ask about their cancellation policy.

Clients, ladies want to be profitable in your town. Make her trip something to remember and she'll be back to please you again. Imagine having world class escorts right at your fingertips!


Most country town clients assume you wont be interested in visiting their town, and booking a beautiful sexual goddess like you is nothing more than a dream.

Dont wait for a client to show interest in you visiting their town. If you have been thinking about going to a certain place, put up a booking date at least 3 months in advance and market it on Available Angels. You will appear on our Touring Page, the dates are also on your profile, and we also promote these tours on Twitter.

Collect deposits to cover 100% of your costs. Some clients may be apprehensive so reassure them by directing them to your website, your Twitter page and other review sites to validate your authenticity.

Remember its easier to cancel a tour and refund money than it is to go and come home with nothing.


In the words of dream vision Jim Morrison in Wayne's World, if you book them, they will come.

If you are lucky, they might even stay.

Play safe. 

xx AA