Coronavirus - 7 Alternative Adult Services

The C word is a dirty word, and I’m not talking about “Cun#”. Yeah you heard me (insert monkey covering mouth emoji).

Let’s go there.

It’s the elephant in the room, the faux pas, the socially isolating, Coronavirus of 2020.

So what is Coronavirus?

In case you live under a rock, the world is currently experiencing an alleged pandemic of a strain of flu called COVID-19 Coronavirus.
I won’t bombard you with facts and figures, but it is a highly contagious flu affecting people across the world and is most lethal to the aged and the ill.

Lets talk about the question on everyone’s lips.

Should I punt during the Coronavirus pandemic? 

No. Well, not in person at least.

It is important to protect our elderly and our sick from the spread of flu, in particular, this season with Coronavirus on the loose.

With the recent shut downs of non essential work, sex workers are no longer legally allowed to provide services in person. 

What Are My Choices?

We have had many of our escorts inform us that they are not working during this time and have chosen to pull their listing completely.

Others are still choosing to make themselves available for digital services, and we have accommodated this need by creating some special categories for your visual and auditory pleasure!

Our providers are exceptionally adaptive people and you can find them tantaslising you in these service categories.

Check out our Top 7 Adult Alternatives to full service during the Coronavirus.

7 Alternative Adult Services 

1. Snapchat & Social Media Escorts

Did you know Available Angels has a categories section? In here you can view galleries of escorts that cater to specific tastes. One of these is the snapchat and fan site escorts category.

Get access to exclusive scenes of escort lifestyles by subscribing to these accounts and getting unseen pics and footage.

2. Porn Stars

Although Available Angels does not showcase pornography, we provide you with the people who do! Simply browse our Porn Star gallery to see their websites/porn sites for some sexy fun without leaving your house. Some of these providers are also escorts, so you can indulge in the full porn star experience with options for your own cameo!

3. Live Showssexy woman licking glass shower

Escorts love to tease, we know this. But did you know some escorts offer striptease with toy shows, shower shows and even bubbly bath shows! 

Getting clean has never been so dirty when you get to see an escort masturbating with a shower head, suction cup dildos and more. 

Live shows can be made just for you with out Whatsapp and Skype escorts.

4. Panties and Pics

muscly man wearing women's panties

If you cant get into her panties, you can buy them?!

Keep your eye out on our Twitter feed for retweets of ladies selling merchandise like sexy panties and raunchy pics to name a few.

Own a piece of her wardrobe and you can feel her presence within the garment. What you do with that is up to you!

5. Phone Sex

Remember the mystery and joy of a telephone call? 

Stay connected and talk to a lady today. Just hearing the sound of someone's voice can sooth any lonely heart. 

Shyt types are accommodated by sms services too. So get in touch today for a sexy chat or sms flirt.

6. BDSM & Digital Domination

In dark times, we worship. And if one must go into quarantine, where else better than a Mistress's dungeon!

These providers make perfect alternatives because you can still serve her, spoil her and indulge in humiliation online.

The services are endless but to name a few, you can send cash and gifts to findoms, attend a virtual domination lesson, accept instruction to punish yourself, or reach a personal target or achievement under the disciplined mastery of a dominatrix.  Browse our BDSM page.

7. Non Sexual Services

Introverts, this is your time to shine!

The good part about not being out and about is the ability to un-busy yourself and enjoy the beauty of chilling out at home.

If you are into video games, Netflix or silly challenges, even fitness you can certainly book an escort to have non sexual fun with. 

Workout together, watch movies together or get online with a hot escort in her undies and game together. 

Available Angels proudly boasts hot nerds who love to game, so please get to know our escorts interests and share yours too!

Spread The Love.

Whatever takes your fancy, we have an escort or adult service provider that can accommodate you. 

Don't see what you are after? Recommend workers to use Available Angels. We have the cleanest galleries, boast ethical advertising, verified profiles, stunning social media, and client focused galleries to give you the best opportunity in finding the perfect escorts, companions and so much more. 

In the meantime, stay well and blessings on you and your family.

xx AA