Conscious Advertising - You Have The Power

Escorts, you have more power than you know.

Advertising. A sometimes expensive, but necessary must as a successful escort.


Everyone has heard of that saying, "you are what you eat". This is also true for you are where you advertise. 

There is platform after platform in the adult advertising business and so many variations to suit all types of workers and clients.
Making the right choice influences how directories treat you, what types of clientele you get, service and feature requirements, and it may even contribute to lessening human trafficking.

There are 3 primary types of escort advertising for independent/private escorts. 

1. Social Media 

Clients will use it to learn more about the day to day of what you are like and who you are.
It's free but heavily censored so many workers get blocked, reported, suspended and shadow banned.
The response rate is great but it's a hungry beast that needs feeding, which means you are constantly needing content to push yourself to get seen.
Social media feeds fly fast, so posting times/days need to be optimised.
Clients often use this as an avenue to chat to you and that can be a great way of breaking the ice before a booking or a massive waste of time. Many workers have spent years in back and forth conversations with potential clients who want to see you "one day" or "wish you lived near me" and so on. So definitely use it, but keep your interactions minimal and redirect contact/information by linking to your own website or your Available Angels profile.

2. Classifieds

This includes both newspapers and online classified websites.
It's all about position here. Just like a supermarket charges per specific placement for its products, classified websites also charge per placement.
You can get some free listings but be prepared to fall straight out of visibility once the boosting wars start for the day. Get your wallet out because visibility costs a lot of money here.
Newspapers may be at risk of becoming a thing of the past, but don't underestimate the power of paper!
There are still many clients who can safely peruse the adult services section on their boat over a coffee right in front of their wife, or even in the lunch room at work. There is no digital fingerprint of a newspaper and no browsing history to delete.
You will get lots of enquiries as your listing has limited character space to describe yourself. So be prepared to give descriptions over the phone and you can still direct your clients to your website or profile listing here. Tip: Newspapers are great for country and regional areas.

3. Personal Websites and One Page Directories.

Enter Available Angels. This is where we shine and what we love to do!
We host every feature you could possibly need to promote and elevate yourself into the best visible position possible, or simply to showcase who you are on a more intimate level.
There are many other sites just like us, however none can match our value for money.
We are beautiful, ethical and personal.
Our style is a one page gallery on random rotation, so you don't ever need to pay for "featured" or "premium" placements.
Of course, you can take the opportunity to boost your profile to the top at any time by turning on your Available Now status. Which keeps you in the top placements for up to 2 hours, and this is free.
There are so many websites that now have the same features, so please check pricing and be careful not to get caught in overpaying for these features.


You buy a featured listing on a classified site or escort directory.
You are on the front page, maybe even up the top. Woohoo!
One hour later, another 12 people are now in front of you and you're back on page 2, then page 3...what, now page 12 in less than a week?
Wait a second, they're not verified profiles. Are they even real listings?
Or maybe you pay for a City Premium on a one page website.
Those cheaper ads are smaller thumbnails down the bottom. Sure, there is definitely a distinction between my ad and the others. Wait a second, where is my profile listing? Scroll, scroll, scroll...gosh there are a lot of interstate girls on my city page, why are they here? They're not touring my city? Oh, they bought a permanent spot in my city.
Better upgrade.
Does this story sound familiar?
Unfortunately some websites stuff their galleries with either fake listings or duplicates.
It is common for covert agencies and pimps to buy in bulk multiple listings that look like the 2 girls they have working.
Others simply duplicate profiles from interstate to make their galleries look fuller than what they really are, so you end up having to upgrade to premiums to compete.
Remember: it's not premium if everyone has it.


We openly host listings for escort agencies.
The agencies are allowed one profile per worker, thus maintaining the authenticity of our listings, our reputation, and their own.
Agencies are fully displayed in the profile with a label "managed by" and can be filtered by clicking on our Agency/Establishment category.
We only host reputable agencies as we value not only clean advertising, but also because we are anti human trafficking.
You must be a registered Australian business to advertise managed escorts.


If you are fed up with high prices, don't pay them.
For years I have heard ladies get upset about their high cost of advertising yet they felt powerless to change it.
This common phrase circulates, "But that directory is where I get most of my business from".
Imagine a supermarket with empty shelves. No product, the supermarket dies.
I need you here, and so do the big sites. And they should never forget that.
You have all the power, not the other way around.
I am proud to say 2020 saw a shift in conscious advertising and we began to see a conversion of escorts come to Available Angels because of this, some even are now exclusive to us.
Take back your power and remember you have a choice.
Choose sites that treat you as an individual and not merely a number.
Choose sites that support you during hard times.
Choose sites that are Australian owned and operated and can generate you tax invoices so you can claim it as a business expense.
Choose sites that don't use fake profiles to stack their pages. This pushes your ad down and consequently you feel like you have to upgrade just to be seen. That is downright dishonest and it's rife within the escort advertising business.
Choose sites that verify their workers, advertisers and reduce fake listings and human trafficking.

Choose Available Angels.