Why We Dont Sell Premium Advertising


We need it and yet it so damn expensive!

We took a good look at what exactly makes a premium escort ad premium and we found some interesting results.
First let’s take a look at the word “Premium”. 

Here are the definitions according to the Oxford Dictionary.


1. An amount to be paid for a contract of insurance.

2. A sum added to an ordinary price or charge.
- Relating to or denoting a commodity of superior quality and therefore a higher price. 

superior, premier, high-end, top-end, exclusive, elite, top, select, choice, deluxe, luxurious, classy, prime, first-rate, high-quality, top-quality

So it is fair to say that in the escort advertising industry, a premium can be charged for either 

a) having a top placement above others, 
or b) providing more services or access to features than standard.

Typically, directories charge a premium to place escorts in a “Top Position” on their website. 

During my time as a fellow advertiser, I used to pay a premium for the higher exposure. And it was great!
I had my top spot and the visibility was well worth the extra money. 

Until the escort market became popular.


Unfortunately many escort websites began to extend the size of their premium sections to accommodate the ever increasing numbers. Often without notifying their advertisers.
But do they offer a discount now that you are sharing this space with more people? No. Premium placement on some major sites still hold the same high price. 
It is perfectly reasonable to accommodate extra spaces in a premium section to cater for a demanding market, but there’s a fine balance between 
increasing the premium numbers, and overcrowding it. 
Lets put this is to a physical scenario. 
Imagine you are a tenant in your own spacious apartment. On day your landlord pushes your wall across to make room for another tenant next door and now your floor space is smaller. How do you feel about that? 

Many large sites uncapped their premium spaces and nearly all of their advertisers in major cities are paying for a City Premium spot, whilst a small few have a Standard.
Here’s the kicker, every premium advertiser from the top section, is also duplicated down the bottom with the Standard's. 

So if you purchased a standard ad in the bottom section of the page, you are being drowned out visually by the duplication of the premium advertisers.
This profile flooding reduces exposure for the Standard advertiser forcing you to pay a premium just to get seen.


The top two complaints about escort advertising is low/competitive profile visibility and high prices.
It is important to make sure that your profile gets an opportunity to been seen without having to pay more for the privilege. 

Otherwise what is the point to a standard ad?
Multiple page advertising is difficult when escort numbers in your area are high and your listing ends up dropping placements daily, sending you as far back as page 12 within a week.
The cause of this constant boosting is allegedly from covert agencies buying up premium spaces at a bulk discount. 

So being in a top position is only as good as the next profile (or 10, boosting themselves to the top). You could lose your premium placement within a few hours.
Often multi-page sites do not remove old listings as they like to keep their pages appearing full.
In addition there are often multiple profiles of the same people as there is no limit to how many listings one can create. Again, you’re scrambling to be 

seen competing with duplicates or people who don’t actually exist.
Not only is this irritating and misleading to browsing clients, but these platforms are capitalising on the desperation of escorts trying to gain exposure. 


Available Angels operates as a single page gallery with organic random rotation of profile placements. This means you will always be on page 1!
Although we are agency friendly, we only work with registered boutique agencies with great reputations, or private escorts under mentoring programs. 
We also have a dedicated Agency & Establishments page which gives clientele the freedom of choice and transparency of selecting their preferred type of provider.
Although we have additional spaces to show your beautiful self in high definition such as our banner slideshows, we strictly cap them at 10 per page and will never exceed this.
We believe this increases your exposure and maintains your value for money.


As a fellow sole operator, I appreciate the cost of running ads and I wanted an affordable and fair option for all demographics of sex workers.
We opted for a budget friendly pricing structure set at one low price for everyone. 
See Advertising Prices.
We like it simple around here. 
Micro managing who has what membership and how many promotional bumps they get or where their placement goes is just too messy and unfair in our eyes. 
The goal of Available Angels isn’t to extract as much money as we can from our advertisers by having them scrambling over each other trying to be seen. 

Although our growth and technologies and not cheap, we run efficiently and simple to keep our costs down. 

The unwritten rule with any service related business is supply and demand. Websites achieving results that are high, charge high. And that is completely understandable.

For over a year we have been number one on Google for 
Sydney Escorts
Melbourne Escorts 
Brisbane Escorts 
Private Canberra Escorts
Escorts Available Now 
BBW Escorts
Mature Escorts

We believe in pay per performance so Available Angels charges for advertising based on 1st page of google for each city that we achieve. Many are climbing page 2 so watch this space!

Available Angels will always keep our prices affordable and not bump up the rates to a hideous amount when we reach full potential. This will only hurt the pockets of our customers, we we aim to keep within CPI (consumer price index).
My peers have expressed how they feel trapped in their advertising platforms and the high evergy and commitment it takes to continually boost themselves.

We are happy to be a boutique site, and even if our number do get high, it is important that you know we will always be able to accommodate great visibility 
and continue to keep our pages clean and your exposure high. Our biggest asset is you.


What is the difference between standard and premium?

Do you cap your premium section and how many people are currently in it?

What visibility does the standard section have?

What page is the standard profile on?

Do you have a ranking system in the premium section and how long will I be in it?


Available Angels is a full functioning escort directory jam packed with excellent features giving you a platform to promote your availability, share some 
insights into your service/personality and ultimately enhance your brand. 

For additional exposure, you can tap on as Available Now if you have last minute availability. 
Why not engage in your own celebrity style Angels interview? 
Blog about your business or your pets or whatever you like and showcase some of that great personality we already know you have!

For an overstuffed list of features, check out what we do for you here.

To our long time advertisers we thank you for your continual support and to our new advertisers we humbly welcome you.

Shine on,

Xx Eden