Discover an edge with Available Angels. 
We are the game changers in escort advertising. 
Packed full of features, you get a lot of funtionality for your money. 
But that is only just a glimmer of our silver lining...

We boast our beautiful high definition galleries that are clean and uncluttered with no fake or duplicate profiles. You won’t get lost in the crowd.
We do not sell premium advertising as we believe you have the best ability to be shown. Here’s why;

Take advantage of turning on your Available Now status and get top visibility on the home page and your city page for 2 hours. This is and always has been free.
Turn on your Twitter permissions in your profile and we tweet your availability on our timeline and yours.

We come from customer service backgrounds and in this busy life we want to make convenience for your clientele and you by adding Call to action buttons such as BOOK that goes directly to sms/phone. We have Click To Call, Click To SMS and email and of course they are preloaded with the beginnings of a conversation for your client’s convenience. “Hi Asha, I saw your on Available Angels”.

Opportunistic clientele may subscribe to your last minute availability. When you turn on your Available Now status, an instant email notifies your subscribers. What makes this particularly convenient for your clients is that they can choose to be notified certain times and days.
You receive your subscriber’s information as they come in and collect their information in your dashboard. This makes for good marketing research too.

The first thing a client sees when they click on your profile is a massive full width picture of you.
We can accept images up to 4000 pixels and they are displayed in a modern mosaic style.
A clean layout with our content area in one place (swipe or click to the next sections) reduces scrolling up and down the page to find your information.


  • Banners:
    Go big! If you love your banner on your profile, you can be displayed on our city pages slideshows. Ask us to personalise a banner for you. They are capped though so please enquire about spaces available.
  • Angels Interviews: 
    Add a special personalised touch to your portfolio by engaging in an interview with us. We will find out what makes you magic and bring it out to share with the world.
  • Social Media:
    We tweet so you don’t have to. Specials, Tours, Interviews, Availability, we’ve got you covered. We tweet these for your convenience and you can turn it on or off anytime. You can also tweet directly from your profile!
  • Free Extra Listings:
    In addition to your main location, you can choose a second surrounding location to be seen on. Are you a duo? One doubles profile is free for 2 advertisers on Available Angels. Additional doubles are only $29
  • Tap to Calendar Syncing:
    What on earth is this right? We made as “add to my calendar” button beside your tour. This is for clients to save your tour straight to their phone with one tap. The date of your tour and your profile link is automatically inserted. We are literally putting your even into their phone. Of course they can undo it for discretional purposes.
  • Blogs:
    Write your musings, your FAQs, talk about your lunch. We don’t mind what you do with this space, it is a free platform to talk about anything you wish. Heck you can even promote something there. 
  • Specials:
    We are the only Australian site that has a dedicated Specials page. Although specials don’t suit some brands, there are workers who use specials as a marketing tool and we have built this space for you. It also gets duplicated to your profile too!


The collective is a page for industry resources and supporting our worker's businesses. 
We will showcase our industry related projects and achievements here too.
Some will be visible to the public, but are building a secret section visible only to workers.
This will include private blogs to share marketing tips, self care and industry secrets etc. Coming Soon!

Thank you sincerely from the team at Available Angels.
We love you and want to support you the best way possible!