Available Angels Interview on 13/01/2016 with Summer Knight

Sydney Escort Summer Knight

Thanks for being the most enthusiastic escort and sending us the very first entry for our “refer a client” competition.
You’ve been super pumped about our site since before the launch. We appreciate your support so very much Summer! Let's get to it and find out a little more about the naughty Summer Knight. 

1. Summer by name, Summer by nature. What other qualities do your clients love about your personality? 

Hehe this question stumped me so I asked Twitter for a little help, I got a whole list of lovely, flattering comments but I think it'd be too vain of me to repeat it all, the word that came up twice was "playful" so let's roll with that. I think playful is a good description, in bed and out of bed, we always have lots of laughs.

2. How often do your travel, and what’s your favourite place to visit?

I travel a lot, sometimes a different city every week! For touring I'm loving Brisbane at the moment, which is funny because I didn't get on so well there at first. For a mini break I love Cairns but if we're talking about holidays or travelling outside of Australia then it has to be Pakistan! The Karakorum mountains are my favourite place in the whole world.

3. Ok, I have a naughty question. We saw you tweet about your new Sybian machine. That looks like fun! Is it for your porn career or do you include that in your escorting service too?

It sure is fun and it's definitely available for bookings! I'm renting a separate incall space now so it needs to be booked in advance.. At the moment it's still at home in my bedroom ;) I think it could be an awesome addition to a threesome and I look forward to introducing it to my lady clients too!

4. You’re a busy woman Summer. High class escort and porn actress, how does Available Angels help your ever changing schedule?

Available Angels is an amazing concept!! There's such a huge demand for "now" bookings, after all it is an impulse driven industry, clients can't always predict when they'll be horny or when they'll have the free time but as a private escort with a busy schedule it can be very hard cater to last minute bookings. Available Angels let's me announce whenever it does suit me to do a short notice booking which is a great help for me and for the clients too, a win win solution.

5. What 5 things cant you live without?

The support of all my SW friends, orgasms, Salsa dancing, my scooter, yoga.