Interview on 01/07/2016 with Marcella Romaine

Marcella Romaine is one of Brisbane’s most unique escorts. She boasts a perfect physical figure and has a classic vintage style that makes her stand out amongst other Australian Escorts. 

1. Having such a toned and physically striking body is a treat for the eyes… Can you shed some light on how your sculpted figure benefits or even hinders your work as a professional escort in Brisbane? 

Thank you for the compliment! 

Clients are certainly appreciative of a healthy body and curious about what I do to stay in condition. 

My figure is simply a legacy from a few very tough years I spent as a natural figure athlete. Certainly back then, I was very lean and subject to a lot of general fascination. Bodybuilding/sculpting is a pretty misunderstood sport and people generally don't understand that natural competitors are often very small and feminine in the flesh. The most common enquiry I got was whether I was a gymnast or ballet dancer. (Pic uploaded to twitter was taken 2 years ago in 2014, 2 days prior to me winning a national silver medal for figure legs don't exactly look like that anymore!) 

These days, sporting a normal amount of body fat over the muscle gives me some pretty intense curves. It's quite funny, because clients nearly always express how much they enjoy my figure, but are genuinely confused over my weight if they try to move me around (I am a fair bit heavier than most size 8-10 girls) and the way I feel in their hands. 

Two questions I'm asked often and which never fail to make me giggle are; 

"So, you'd weigh....what? around 50kg?" (Try around 12kg more than that!) 

And " is it that you feel so soft and hard at the same time?" 

So generally, having these kind of proportions is a good thing in this industry, and I certainly have a lot of love for my body after everything I've put it through over the years....It just sucks trying to find jeans that fit ass and waist at the same time. Thank goodness for stretch materials! 

2. It’s no secret that you enjoy the love and intimacy of women, would you be able to tell us more about Marcella’s sexual triumphs in the bedroom and what turns you on? Either personally or professional as an Australian escort? 

Great question! Bear with me if my answer seems a little left of centre. It's a lifelong source of fascination. 

So recently I've been trying to think about how I would summarise the key ingredients to a memorable sexual encounter, and there are a few things I would say are essential. 

Firstly I don't have a preference for gender in a sexual partner. Most who follow my Twitter feed will be aware that I am in a long term relationship with a delicious femme fatale... But I certainly don't prescribe to a lesbian or bisexual identity. These terms feel kind of pedestrian to me.

I've never really been happy with any sort of label around my sexuality at all, even from a very young age. Some people might need to refer to themselves as 'gay, bi, hetero,' to be comfortable, and that's understandable, but I'm of the persuasion that sexual preference itself is entirely fluid and even the 'straightest' person is ultimately attracted to individuals, not genders. Given my stance on this, it's no surprise that some of my most memorable  sexual encounters have been MFF threesomes.  

I also don't really have a specific 'type' for either gender. The physical shell of a person might draw you in for a second glance, but it's their energy that will truly hold you captive... When we are truly enamored with a person, notice how we don't really talk at length about their tits etc... We're more inclined to say something along the lines of "there's just something about her/him" or "I can't stop thinking about them." 

Secondly, we all hear a lot about 'technique,' especially when it comes down to specifics such as oral sex... I have now formed the opinion that technique is secondary to personal preference, confidence and communication - and that tastes change over time. I have a vast sexual palette. Things would get pretty boring if it was always the same. 

These first two points of gender/type and technique/specific sex acts are nowhere near as important as my final point of interest here, and that is something far more intangible; the concept of the primal sexual element. 

We may express this as 'lust,' or 'chemistry,' but I think it's more complicated and sacred than that. 

I'm talking about those experiences you have at times that are somehow almost magical. Both parties in a complete state of flow, guided intrinsically by pure, white hot desire. Nobody is thinking of what goes where, or is concerned with how they look in a certain position or what noises they're making... When I was a very young woman, I thought this was a phenomenon linked only to romantic love - and certainly the feeling of fucking someone you're falling for is the most obvious example of it, but over the years I've had more and more obscure experiences of this. 

There have been occasions where I've been so lost in arousal that I've had violent orgasms without even being touched; especially exploring BDSM in recent years.

Whether it was a visual, verbal or kinesthetic element the put you over the edge at the time of orgasm, these are the moments that stay with you forever and change you sexually somehow. 

All you have to do to access this kind of intensity is surrender. Be conscious not of being yourself but simply being in the sublime, responsive moment where nothing else exists. Something truly profound can occur if you can both get to this realm. 

 3. Your love for vintage Hollywood clearly stands out not only on your social media feeds but also within your facial features, particularly those bold and beautiful eyebrows that remind me of the seductive 1930’s… Will you tell us how this vintage fetish came about and what do you do in such a modern age to keep the classic theme running? 

This may be surprising...I actually started styling myself this way working as a showgirl in my early 20's because my curly hair is practically uncontrollable in the Queensland humidity (especially when getting sweaty performing) and it was a look I could work with and touch up easily! 

Having said that, I also just simply love everything about this era style-wise. 1930's to 50's saw the rise of completely original sex symbols; Bettie Page, Jane Russell, Lauren Bacall, Sophia Loren.... I mean, they were complete goddesses - so seductive and mysterious. I'll forever be smitten with that look! 

(Pic uploaded to twitter is the cover of Penthouse Blacklabel, 2006. I was just 23 years old & won Pet of the Year. I loved the over-the-top retro styling they rolled with for the quirky James Bond themed centerfold.) 

4. Finally, I have to ask about your sketching - the free hand drawings that you produce are remarkable, where do you take your inspiration from? 

Thanks, I'm working hard to improve my drawing skills at the moment. The general perception of creative industries is that you are either 'talented' or not.. but I think that's only partially true. 

I'd liken it more to being an athlete or building a successful business - a certain amount of natural inclination, but much more about tenacity and stubbornly working away at something for a long, long period of time. One step forward, maybe two steps back. Never giving up when others might. Having faith in yourself even when you may be so very far from a goal. 

So to answer your question, at the moment and for the next few years my work will be purely skill based. Learning form drawing inside out before returning to paint with oils next year. 

When my work is eventually strong enough to add a conceptual direction, I'm very interested in representing what it is like to be a woman. In society, sexually, in the Self. 

Sex workers live on the warrior edge of the feminine, and I am very confident that my time in the industry will feed into my future work. I'm really excited about that actually! 

My ultimate dream is to publish erotica (I already have a secret collection of short, smutty stories), have a day job as a tattoo artist and also exhibit as a painter... I'd call my first exhibition "The Heart of a Woman" 

(Pic uploaded to twitter of tatoo designs) 

Thankyou so much for the opportunity to share a little more of myself!

Stay sexual, 

Marci xx