Lucy Price Interview

Lucy Price Wollongong Escort

Lucy Price is a charming deviant who you just have to book! Lucy specializes in submissive bookings, explore her repertoire and you won't be left disappointed. This is inked up beauty is available here on Available Angels for short notice porn star bookings, subscribe below. 


Lucy, we have to ask you... Where do you get your infectious charm from? You clearly have a wonderful way of lighting up the world, tell us about your outlook of life and how you stay so positive?

Firstly, thank you so much for giving me this opportunity.

Life experience, I guess. As well as being brought up in a very positive home filled with dreams that were nourished in order to become reality. From a very young age, my mother taught us that being positive and having faith in your actions while having a positive mind will manifest positivity around you. This, in turn, will create a shield around your body, mind, and soul that nothing can get through to. Being negative will only open the door to a chain of unfortunate events. Firstly, you will find that being negative will only enhance further negativity. It’s the type of negativity where you focus on things like how the rain annoys you, rather than appreciate the sound it makes when it hits the pavement. It builds on to feel the excitement of each drop, breathing in the crisp fresh air as you run for cover. All you think about is how that simple act of nature “ruined your day”. If it’s that easy to ruin your day, how do you manage to have a good one?

My 9 magic rules to life are:

YOU ARE WORTHY, and you deserve happiness just like anybody else, so don’t just sit there. Go out and grab the bull by its horns.

We love your pictures here at available Angels, you have a way of making everything just that little bit sexier. Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes many areas such as my favourite movies, novels, animals, clothing, and even some advertisements I watch on American broadcasting. Having had a very extensive creative arts background, I find being creative in general almost comes as second nature to me. I’m forever thinking of new ways to improve and expand everything that I do. Therefore, I have found creating my company was almost done progressively as I discovered who “Lucy” is a what she’s all about. My ideas have manifested from my need to establish my branding, mottos, and slogans; considering I have only just completed my first year of trade as Wollongong’s resident escort and companion.

You’re an escort who specialises in submission. Tell us how you got into submission and what keeps you interested in it?

Being a submissive comes very naturally to me and decided if I was going to do this, I may as well do what I enjoy. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy being a sub; I love it and so do my clients. My website gives all the details showing exactly what I’m into.

In case the readers aren’t aware, sub is short for submissive and dom is short for dominant. Such is the circle of life!

I was trained prior to escorting by my DD (Daddy Dom) in an LG (Little / Princess / Brat / Sub) relationship. I was being trained for over 10 years by the same DD. I loved our relationship and how it makes me feel so special and needed. It’s the main reason I love doing what I do. To SERVE you is nothing short of my purpose on this planet. I love giving so much that I can actually hit my sexual peak without any stimulation to me physically. How powerful and sexy the mind is, right?

Your tattoos are spectacular, truly your body is a work of art in more ways then one. Can you tell us about your favourite tattoo and why?

My back, which consist of hawk wings, mother nature on a fictional magic mushroom surrounded by birds circling her and shooting up my spine with a frog and a squirrel on both sides of mother nature. This tattoo was designed by Adam Murray – an artist I worked closely with before escorting. We designed the tattoo around my love for nature and my passion for fairies. The tattoo itself took 4 years to design and over 36 hours to tattoo. But a life time of happiness and joy **insert heart eyes here**


Wollongong is unfamiliar to us however we often see escorts touring the area. If you could give any advice to an escort looking to tour your hometown what would it be?

I am so glad you asked! I’m currently writing a blog about a very similar topic. I know Wollongong extremely well; it is my home. Some tips I would suggest are:


Finally, we love to finish with a smile! Would you mind sharing a funny story or experience you have had either as an escort or just in your personal life....? Make us laugh Lucy Price

I really struggle to find a story in my escort life that I can count as funny; I’m too busy getting off and so are my clients.

But in my personal life, I’m a hoot. The life of the party! With this role, I can get very clumsy.

One night, I was out with my friends doing our thing. We were drinking, and the night was young. Later on in the night, I was walking down Wollongong Boulevard with my high heels on; the night coming to an end; people are finding who to go home with; but I am with my friends. We are content. I think I was a little too content. I got my heels stuck in the gutter and what was supposed to look like a Sex And The City scene turned into an Ugly Betty scene.

A similar experience happened again when I was out with my friends – but this time, we were camping. Mind you, I was not in heels, so I should have no excuse. But I managed to fall once again – this time, into a wombat hole. Needless to say, I managed to still keep my drink in my hand with not a drop leaving the cup.

I’m known as the faller of the group.