Interview on 17/03/2017 with Kiki Sucre

North Brisbane Escort 

As well as being an irresistible blonde bombshell, Sweet Kiki has a wonderful sense of humour and an incredible natural ability to please. 

Firstly, I’d like to ask you about your touring. You are based in Brisbane but seem to tour a lot and have some quite exciting tours coming up. Can you tell us where your favourite place to tour has been and why?

My favourite tour destination at the moment is Sydney. I love the anonymity a big city provides whilst I'm getting up to dirty deeds.

Tell us about your playmate packages! Our clients love some of the unique services escorts offer – is the playmate package everything a man could ask for?

The Playmate Package includes girl on girl action so hot that you'll want to book all night. I have several preferred playmates to suit any taste and make this the threesome of your dreams. We'll put on a show to please you and each other.

You have such a wonderful sense of humour and ability to make people laugh, and I’ve scrolled through your twitter to realise that! Can you tell us all a funny story or experience you may have had?

I enjoy making people happy and I'm not afraid to laugh at myself. Once I was on a mini interstate tour so I only had carry-on. I'd totally forgotten about the stainless steel dildo residing in my luggage until the X-ray machine went off. Security was mortified when I explained what it was and sent a female officer to deal with me. I'm glad to say that the offending toy is still in my possession!

What’s does the future hold? This can be a tough question so don’t think too much into it, maybe just give our clients a brief insight into what Kiki’s future plans are without breaking any hearts of course. 

I belong to the Hoe Life for the foreseeable future. I enjoy the lifestyle of a full time escort/cat mum and the freedom it gives me. In the future I hope to tour more often and further afield so that I can continue to pursue my love of travel and meeting new people.