Kellie Blair Interview

Kellie Blair Melbourne Escort

Taking Available Angels around Australia, Kellie tours a hell of a lot and she sure does leave her sexy footprints along the way - let's find out more about this unique escort. 

1.       You've been an escort for a few years now. What do you specialise in?

Yes it's been 4 years now & still loving it. I would say I specialise in a few things, a passionate experience whether it's my girlfriend or my naughtier experience, I also Specialise in providing my couples experience & I like to make fantasies a reality whether it's threesome or swingers. My goal is to make their time with me amazing and mind blowing that they will want to come back for more. I also believe in only providing services and experiences that I love and enjoy doing, as money isn't everything and I have a very poor poker face, I simply can't and do not lie.

2.       Kellie, you've got clients all over Australia.  We’ve seen you tap on as Available Now in Melbourne, Sydney, and you're now taking it to country towns like Mackay, and Townsville. Did we miss any? What's been your favourite city or town to tour?

Yes I toured Adelaide too. I do have favourite towns because I have some wonderful clients that I love to see and spend time with, which would have to be Adelaide and Launceston. Look I love the opportunity that this job gives me to travel and see some beautiful places in Australia and for that I'm very blessed. I especially love the warm places, where it feels like a holiday & my fondest memory is my first Darwin tour and lazing by the pool in my bikini, getting a booking and having a shag and coming back to lay by the pool in my bikini. It doesn't get any better than that, and I'm all about balance in my life so on tour I make sure to go out and experience the food and sites or do something I've always wanted to do, like on my last Townsville tour where I went on 2hr JetSki tour around Magnetic Island.

3.       Any new places you love to visit?

North Queensland has been new since last year and it's quickly become a favourite. But to be honest having lived there for 2yrs growing up, Perth is always been a favourite of mine & I plan to discover more of the west Australian coast in 2016, as to tick off my list of achievements, so who knows where I'll turn up. Face throwing a kiss

4.       Loved your new shoot with Penthouse Magazine Black Label. What's the response been like from your clients?

I absolutely loved that Penthouse shoot & I was proud to be part of it. The photos are probably my best, and my clients not only love them but have requested signed copies of the October issue and the calendar. I still have some copies left and I'm happy to organise a copy of either or both.

5.       5 things you can’t live without?

- My family their love and support, is what drives me to succeed and be the best I can be.

- The support of my wonderful clients, without them I wouldn't even be where I am and I'm very thankful for that.

- My phone & iPad (obvious reasons to run my business)

- Money unfortunately it's a necessity

- Gratitude and thankful attitude and always remembering where I came from. I try to live and conduct myself by my values as a person. You can't be your authentic self if you’re pretending to be something you’re not or if you don't acknowledge or are thankful for the opportunities that you are given.

Beautifully said Kellie!