Interview on 11/07/2016 with Jessie Lee Pierce

1. Jessie, as you know a lot of research goes into the construction of these questions… However, my usually creative mind was halted immediately by your photos, so I feel like I just have to ask! HOW DO YOU HAVE SUCH A PERFECT ASS? Is it hard work or were you naturally gifted with a booty fit for royalty? Share your secrets…..

 Firstly, thank you for the compliment! I do work out and working the booty is always in the front of my mind! I do think a meaty round butt may be in my DNA though! I wish that I was super super skinny with no curves, straight up and down but curvy I am so I might as well love it!

2. I came across a snippet of Information regarding your passion for biological science, I’m sure as a professional escort you’re grilled about your personal interests all the time but for our readers could you elaborate a little more on your future plans after you’ve completed your biological science degree and is a career change expected? Careful not to break any hearts!

I am planning on a career change in the next few years actually. I would like to work in the science and medical fields. Areas of interest to me are chemistry, biology, neuroscience and the endocrine system. After this degree I do have plans to study further but this is where I may say goodbye to my escorting career. There comes a day for all of us to wave goodbye to the fun we have had and hang up our sexy heels, as sad as that may be. I do think I've made some life long friends though, and I think that's something very special.

It will definitely be the end of an era!! 

3. Leaning towards a more personal question here… I know for a fact that you’re the fantasy of many men, what I’d like to find out is what ticks your boxes? What is Jessie’s perfect sexual scenario? 

I think a perfect scenario wouldn't be rushed and a connection between two people has to have been formed. This doesn't need to take a long time, it can take 5 minutes, and sometimes it's isn't needed at all. The beauty of seeing an escort for some men is the fact there isn't a connection. 

Sensual, intense and intimate come to mind. I like kissing and pleasuring a man really gets me going. I do like being pleasures as well, with mouths or hands. Sometimes this is better than sex!! 

I'm not sure if there is "one" perfect sex session though. Surprise is great!

Even my personal sexual fantasies change and evolve over time!

4. To conclude, a more generic question regarding the escort industry. How did you become an escort in Canberra and how would you compare it with being an escort elsewhere in Australia or even an international escort?

I am yet to work internationally, but it's something I've thought about. Things to consider are safety, individual country laws, advertising, it becomes less straight forward and I really admire the intelligence and courage of girls who tour overseas. For myself touring interstate can provide its own challenges!! That said I think Jessie will venture overseas at the right time. 

As a touring escort I've found every state to be different. Perhaps I appeal to different clients in different states but I also find the clients to be somewhat different. 

Private escorting was something I'd thought about for years but was too nervous to try, main concerns being safety. I've somewhat found my way and have definitely minimised these concerns. It's a lot of fun so far!! 

Do I wish I started private escorting sooner? Not really, I think mentally it was the right step for me right now. 

Escorting in Canberra is great and quite needed. Most people have high stress jobs and work indoors, I think it's important that the men treat themselves to something special and some stress relief. Canberra is one of my favourite cities for sure, some amazing men live in Canberra.