A Sexually Inspiring Tantric S&M Muse

Escort Interview with Erotic Massage Specialist - J’Adore

J’Adore is French for "I adore you", or adoration for something.

Well Miss J’Adore, what do you love the most in life?

I have two personas in my work. The luxurious J'Adore and my alter ego which I will tell you about shortly.

Je suis J’adore...
Her presence is filled with grace and compassion, connecting to the client on a sensual level, allowing them to get totally lost in the moments with her.

As for my alter S&M Barbie... She exists to satisfy the male gaze.
The fun of this character, the excitement of the unknown, the anticipation of what each story will be created, makes amazing memories not only for the client but myself.....SM Barbie is a lot of fun.


I see a lot of words such as “Tantra”, “Opulence”, “Integrated Energy” and “Next Generation” glittering through your biography.
What do all those pretty words mean for a man wanting some sensual chill time?

Tantra is Spirituality.
There is a misconception that it is all about sex, however it is actually more of a spiritual practice.
The physical side is getting the mind, body and soul in sync to be truly in the moment.
I do perform a lingam (penis) and yoni (vagina) massages which makes for a really erotic experience...

Opulence simply put, is a welcome to my world of pure Indulgence, where one can lose themselves from life’s everyday stresses.
I hold the philosophy that the body is to be worshipped and adored, and so the objection is to make you feel ‘worthy’ & ‘precious’.

Integrated Energy covers emotion an movement. Emotions are energy and energy wants and needs to move.
Furthermore stuck emotions cause stress. Stress is the energy asking you to help it move.
This integrative technique releases the blockages for the promotion of free flowing energy throughout the body.

Next Generation is of unique European new age technology for alternative therapies.
It is the ultimate in pleasure for men and women seeking an experiencing of both internal and external euphoria!

Since we are on the topic of ecstasy, who gave you your first orgasm?

My high school boyfriend he he (ah such fond memories)

What is playing on your Spotify/i-tunes in a session?

I am all about consistency.
My alter ego S&M Barbie's choice is Lana Del Ray ~ Lust for Life.
The complete album resonates a Dream; plus the groove and patterns are repetitive in a way to instil a trance like state.

As for J’adore, Samaya ~ Fushion Alchemist Tribal Mix or Through Ancient Eyes.
This is so fitting for the art of Tantra; the music is tuned to 432Hz, which is the frequency of calm and relaxation.

I see Madonna on your instagram. Does she inspire you?

Gosh Madonna is such an artistic icon! I look more at the meaning behind music more so than being inspired by any artist.

How do you keep your body looking so fine?

Aww thank you... basically through Yoga & Meditation and of course lots of Sexy time ha ha
What are your pre and post session rituals?
Always a bath, immersing myself in water is one of the purest freeing feelings to be had.

When you are not tantalising the men of Melbourne, what are you doing in your down time? 

For now I am living and breathing my alter egos through research and development, along with practicums to continually evolve these traditions, moulding them my own ways.. I like taking conventional traditions and making them my own with a non conventional twist.

How can a client impress you?

The key to Romance is to worship her as with any woman.

What tips can you tell a nervous or shy client who has been thinking about seeing you.

Don’t rush I am needing you to be calm and well.
I am an extremely patient person however do not tolerate my kindness being taken for weakness. Therefore you only get one chance to disappoint.
If they prove to be reliable and make it to a session with S&M Barbie they may be asked to join her for a sip of French champagne or cup of Tea sitting at her feet.
As for J’adore they are generally too uptight to be nervous they’re more exited about floating out the door.

And you are a classically trained dominatrix? 
Lets play Show and Tell - What are your top 5 accessories and what are they used for? (I always see people look at my wharburton wheel and freak out but they soon discover it feels quite lovely.)

You are far too kind! What I do with my wharburton wheel is anything other than lovely when rolling over the ball sack then up the shaft ha!
For double the “torture” pinching their nipples simultaneously, add a blind fold to heighten all senses is just pure evil, even for the not so faint hearted masochistic type (the vanillas love it just the same) he he, and yes that is my sadistic tone you are sensing there.

Here is some of my favourite things

Glass wand: This is my latest fascination with so many different surfaces makes for a very versatile little toy to tantalise the senses.

Satin gloves: I love love love these for not only sensory play but they look sexy as hell.

Leather collar: which indicates ownership, the sub belongs to She once they are collared

Flogger: explains itself really

Spanking paddle: leather one side for applying extreme discipline thereafter soothing with the fur side

Riding crop: has studs just for that little extra sting bzzz zzz zzz zz

There you have it fellas, an erotic chameleon one could describe.

The only decision you have to battle with now is choosing which side of this lovely lady to release your pleasure.

Tantric relaxing J'Adore or a few smacks from the S&M Barbie!

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