Interview with Ashlee Cordeaux

Ashlee, it’s so lovely to have such a classy escort on the Available Angels books. How long have you been an escort and why did you choose thing profession?

I have been escorting for 6 years now. 

I love every moment that I spend with gentlemen.

Each gentleman is unique in their own way. Learn a lot from other people. Discover many things even about yourself.

Long story about how I became an escort but cut long story short my last relationship I walked out due to domestic violence. I had enough of being abused verbally & mentally. 

I wanted to still connect with gentlemen. Have that passion, touch, connection, sex and to be appreciated. All the things I wasn’t getting from an abusive relationship. 

I stumbled into this profession and not looked back.  I relish the opportunity to spend with gentlemen and I truly appreciate the opportunity to spend time with them.

We love that you travel Australia wide, escort tours are something Available Angels love to promote. Can you tell your favourite touring destination and why?

I’ve only just started touring at select cities. Otherwise I offer “Fly me to you”

I think it would be unfair on all the wonderful gentlemen I’ve met Interstate to give a favorite destination. Each destination I have met some truly beautiful gents. 

I will always prefer warmer states as I don’t enjoy the cold weather. I love heat.

Your social media posts are always filled with positive sentiment, an unusual sight in the sex work industry. How do you remain so refreshingly optimistic?

Negativity breeds negativity. I am not a negative person. I try to see the positive in every situation. 

I like thought provoking tweets. If I can help just one person change their thinking on life or whatever circumstances they are going through then I’m happy.  I love to help gents who are going through tough times or need someone to vent or require a different perspective and I offer my time freely on DM’s. But not be to taken for granted. 

Escort industry is going through tough times at present. Worst I’ve ever seen it.

Yes, just like everyone, I worry about paying my mortgage, bills, keeping afloat. 

I keep an open mind, remain positive and appreciate any gentleman who makes an appointment with me.

Look forward and hope things improve.

I am unlike any other companion. I don’t follow the crowd. I am unique and I just be myself. That’s what gents want to see. The real you! 

Not someone you are not. I am same person in a booking as I am outside a booking. 

I have a very cheeky devilish side. Love to please and of course tease!

I like to create air of mystery, intrigue. Leave something for the imagination. 

 “Less is more”

As a mature escort we’d love to know what advice you may give to a young escort just starting out in the industry?

Screen gentlemen, references whatever it takes to make you feel safe. If it doesn’t feel right don’t do it.

Safety is paramount more important than money.

Have a contact you can text before the appointment and after letting them know you are ok.

Contact your local sex industry organisation. Join FB escorts group. 

I know you’re a lady of seductive mystery but could you let our gentlemen know what Ashlee looks for in a man?

Respect, manners, courtesy and consideration. Communication is also important. 

I love a passionate, caring man. Someone who wants to make you feel good not just about him. Sex is a two-way street not a one-way road. 

Thank you once again for the opportunity.

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