Interview on 13/01/2016 with Charlie Forde

Charlie Forde is the perfect combination of sexy and down to earth, enjoy her interview below. 

1.       What’s your favourite kind of booking?

I love light hearted bookings that are a little bit longer so I can get to know a gent a bit more on a personal level... We both get so much more out of the experience then. Anywhere close to a beach is an absolute bonus ;)

2.       What else do you do when you’re not being Charlie?

I'm currently studying my second degree so that keeps me pretty busy, and my two dogs keep me on my toes constantly.

3.       Top 3 tips for clients to ensure they have a great time with you?

- Don't go in with any expectations for yourself. Some guys get so nervous it affects their ability to enjoy themselves and the more conscious they are of themselves, the more uncomfortable they feel and it can really affect their experience negatively. I'm about as laid back as anyone can get so there's no need to be nervous, just come into it with an open mind and just have fun.

-ease up on the drugs and booze prior to a booking- of the guys I see who use these to kill the nerves before a booking, 90% really struggle to 'perform' and they feel very self conscious. Even I am known to have a little drink beforehand occasionally to settle any butterflies but less is best guys.

-Make sure you're healthy and clean!  Especially if you're seeing working girls regularly, you should be getting health checks every 3 months. I feel horrible if I meet a gent for a booking and I have to refuse some services because I'm not sure if they're healthy. So please take care of yourselves, see your doc regularly, have a shower beforehand and spray something delicious smelling on... Good cologne really gets me going ;)

4.       Do you ever get requests to tour? Any plans?

I am in Melbourne from the 10-13 December and I'm thinking about hitting Sydney early next year...Will keep you all informed!

5.       What would you like your readers to know about you that is unique, maybe even a little bit personal?

I share my more personal side on my blog on my website- I love to explore human psyche and contemplate there, so to me it's a very intimate part of me to share. If you want to see a deeper side of me then is the best place to go. I upload every Thursday although this week will be delayed because I drowned my laptop with coffee and it doesn't want to rise from the dead.