Interview on 16/05/2017 with Auguste Rose


Auguste is our first and only escort from Hobart – as we focus on building a market in Hobart we’d like to take a minute to thank Auguste for choosing to advertise with Available Angels. Below is a rare insight into the life of one of Hobart’s most beautiful, open and freethinking escorts, enjoy it.

Auguste, I have to ask you about your tattoos! Myself and Eden both love escorts with something a little different, so do tell us what was the inspiration behind say, your favourite tattoo? And do you think you will get any more ink? 

My favourite tattoo... Hmm I have so many favourites!!!! My shin tattoo would be my most favourite! It is a portrait of my first Alaskan Malamute & best friend Sebastian who I had to put down over 12 months ago. He was by my side through some really dark and sad parts of my life, so he totally deserved to have his beautiful face tattooed on me! I am a massive animal lover if you have not already guessed!!

I have never been to Hobart and I’m sure neither have a lot of our readers. Could you tell us why you think Hobart would be a good place to tour as an escort and also let us in on the makings of a Tasmanian escort? What differentiates you from other escorts?

Hobart is a small city say compared to Brisbane/Melbourne or Sydney, but it is super busy! There is always some sort of event happening down here!! For the ladies that love the wine, there are so many family-owned boutique wineries not far from Hobart too. The clientele has been nothing but nice to me, polite and very respectful. It’s a beautiful picturesque area surrounded by mountains and an abundance of greenery. That’s why I decided to make the move from Brisbane so I could combine working as an escort and doing my photography!

OK, it’s obvious you have a great sense of humour – I’d love you to tell us about a funny experience you may have had or even just a funny story you’ve heard along the way. Make us laugh Auguste! 

Well my recent funny story about me would be, on my first leg of driving myself and my two dogs down to Hobart from Brisbane with a trailer filled with my belongings; I may have misjudged the distance from Toowoomba to Goondiwindi and come very close to completely running out of fuel. So I had to unhitch my trailer 30k out of town and find a farm, Lucky for me I found a lovely farmer and his family who refiled my car for $60!! Learnt a lesson that day!!

Right, so you’re granted one super-power for a whole day… What would that superpower be and why?

Is being able to eat continuously and not put on weight a superpower? Because if it is... that’s the superpower I would want! Who doesn't enjoy good food! I always get upset as I have a small appetite and struggle to finish my meal, yet alone try multiple items on the menu. So having an unending appetite would be awesome for me! 

I love that you don’t blur your images and are very open with your identity, a lot of sex workers shy away from the public eye for obvious reasons. If you could give any advice to girls thinking about joining the industry what would it be? 

My little bit of advice would be, Don't let the stigma of this type of work get to you. It’s an amazing industry, filled with amazing ladies who enjoy empowering each other and that is something I really love about this industry. Stay true to yourself and who you are as a person, clients really love genuine and authentic company. Also remember a job does not dictate who you are as a person, I am a proud escort if people find out and judge me on what I do, they obviously are not my "real" friends and don't deserve to have me as a friend. I am blessed that my family know and support me greatly in what I do. When I told them, I found it made everything much easier, so if you think you can tell them do it!!!