FOOD, BOOKS & MELTING LOOKS - Meet the dreamy Ariana Bellucci

Extremely beautiful yet inconspicuous, Ariana Bellucci is the type of lady that you'd never guess is an escort.

Demure, a little, introvert, definitely. Boring? The furthest from reality.

Ariana is a multi-faceted diamond. And the more time you spend with her, the more she exposes another glimmering facet of her life.

A lot to discover but Ariana doesn't fill the conversation about herself. Instead she'll reveal her life experiences at the perfect moment and use it to enhance the conversation, instead of driving it.

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Ariana in a 5 star hotel in Sydney where we spent many an hour nibbling hors d’oeuvres and sipping champagne over stories.

Here's a piece of hers.

What is your niche?

Presence. I like to be present with a client. Savoir the moment and intuit where to go next.  My clients feel at ease quickly.

Everyone is so busy; their minds are busy. I like to bring my clients back into their bodies. Offer them a place to slow down in. I love to tease the passion out of them.

Do you cook?

Ariana looks away and has a slight upturned corner of her mouth with a giggle. I'm unsure whether that means yes I'm fantastic or no I'm 7 terrible. But the suspense is fantastic!

Incidentally she is great at it.

Ariana stifling a giggle; Yes I adore cooking.

Ok, what's your speciality?

I love cannelloni... but that's not why I'm laughing. I spent one summer learning how to make stock for clear soup. I wanted to do it the traditional way which included the fish head. The smell of fish filled my kitchen. I was spending the summer in a seaside town with a squeamish vegan friend who was absolutely horrified! The soup was delicious, but I ended up with boiled fish heads and a distraught friend.

Now that I am in the city I do not cook very often.

But when i came back from Italy I was very inspired and I made a lot of recipes with ricotta and gorgeous wines.

I just love food. I get very excited.

Do you workout?

Yes. I love running. And it’s not about how far I go, I l just love the feeling. I love wild tracks where I don't know what's around the corner. Cliffs and hillsides by the ocean.

I joined the gym because id like to get a nice plump round booty but to be honest gym can bore me.  I prefer doing fun things and a now not-so-secret affair with skateboarding.

You wouldn't pick Ariana to be a skateboarder at all. The beautiful woman exudes grace and femininity, that I did not see that coming.

What a whimsical contrast.

The wine is flowing so I'm going to be cheeky and ask What's a funny experience you've had in this industry?

I don’t like to kiss and tell.   Though, certainly there are encounters that I feel a strong desire to savour and keep alive through erotic writing.  I have written stories since I was little and right now i feel particularly inspired.

Your profile is intriguing. Who are you, mystery girl?

A nice sprinkle of descriptive words but we all want to know what the last one is. Nymph. What makes you desire a man?

What turns you on?

At heart I am a sapiosexual. Watching a man do his work turns me on. Whether he is in business or using his hands to fix an engine. A person’s life story excites me. I am a lover of tease, touch and eroticism. I love the human mind and i find imagination and play delicious. I love innovation and entrepreneurship. I love a man who is mentally engaged and passionate about how he spends his days. I love a man who can be firm, yet gentle with me. I love a man who can let go, lay back for a time and let me look after him.

What is your in call like and how do your clients feel in this space?

My in call is like a modern luxury hotel destroyed by books  

Scent is important to me. I play with aromatherapy oils. I love soft clean linen and towels.

My space is spacious with high ceilings, lots of natural light, a view of trees and a stretching city skyline. I feel like my clients always leave taller than when they walked in. I am often told my space is relaxing.  I love my clients to feel like they stepped into a day spa.  I love watching their days worries fall away.

For the shy gentleman that has lived his life by the book and walked in a straight line, Ariana is just the curve you need in your life.

She is genuine to the core and her inner beauty only further enhances her outer.

Exceptionally dressed but natural and discreet, you'll be very comfortable on a dinner date with Ariana.

In the bedroom, well that's a story best discovered yourself.

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