Zoey Cox

A one of a kind beauty with a super sweet “girl-next-door” vibe

Companionship with class, elegance, and charm. Let’s connect for a perfect dinner date, arm-candy for a special event, or simply a short but sweet encounter behind closed doors, breaking free from the usual routine. If a longer weekend adventure is your cup of tea, the fiery carefree thrill-seeker in me is sure to bring the fun. In any way, a captivating engagement awaits. Let’s indulge in each other’s desires, have fun, and get lost in conversation.


A curvy, all-natural Australian treasure with enchanting green eyes and alluring long legs. The perfect compliment to the passionate, yet down-to-earth friendly, and warm persona I reflect. Always positive and friendly, I bring a presence that is pleasurable and soothing, while caring and disclosing a true interest in people. I strive to stimulate the mind as much as the senses, giving you a glimpse of a comforting intellectual side.


Allow my intuition to discover what pleases you, unrushed and unpretentious. With a warm smile and attentive personality, you’ll be at ease when we meet, with a sigh of relief and relaxation. Our time together is never an uncomfortable feeling, always fuss-free, and sure to leave a lasting impression.


Ambitious and hardworking, my studies fill my week. However, it brings me great joy to immerse myself in the simple joys of life along with looking for new experiences on the weekends.

Let’s de-stress together, for a relaxing and passionate moment.

To arrange a time to meet, text me, or connect with me through the contact page.

Location: Brisbane, QLD

My Stats

Age 30s

Height 177cm

Eyes Green

Hair Auburn

Body Type Curvy , tall , busty , swimmers build

Ethnicity Australian

Please contact me and I will happily discuss my list of services to you. Good etiquette is essential, please be polite and well mannered.


  • Please contact me directly to enquire about my service

Advance bookings are recommended to avoid disappointment, please check my availability below.


Standard Services

Let me be your lunch/afternoon/evening GFE Date Good food, excellent company, and even better conver
Indulge in the ultimate Girlfriend Experience and allow me to shower you with all of my attention.
Let’s get away from it all take out some time to relax by the pool, whilst sipping on your favorit

Additional Rates

Please view additional rates are on my website. 

Available Angels Interview with Zoey Cox

Breaking Bad...I mean beds

This is Zoey.

We interviewed the brunette hottie in Brisbane and loved what she had to say. 

Interview with Brisbane Escort Miss Zoey.
Thank you for promoting on your profile that you have been verified by the Available Angels team!
We love our authenticity and you are nothing short of that.
With your natural breasts, slim yet well appointed curves and all round girl next door look, you are the real deal.
Tell us more!

How long have you been in the industry and where/how did you get started?

How I got into this line of work is a long story. Which you can find the backstory on my blog when you find yourself with some quality time.
I have been working on and off for quite awhile now, longer than I expected. I guess I liked the job so much I found it hard to resist returning.
I like the fact two days are not the same. I enjoy being my own boss, doing my own hours. 

Prior, I used to work 7 days a week with 10 hour days. 
Every day I dreaded going to work. It was a job that I couldn’t grow in and it didn’t challenge me. So I quit and began this job!
I enjoy many aspects of this including the sex. It’s more to me than just the money. 
I enjoy the company, meeting new people , the list is endless. I am so grateful and appreciative the client has taken the time to chose me out of all the other lovely companions to spend their time with. 
I honestly enjoy nothing more than fulfilling someone’s desire and being everything they crave for that time they spend with me.

What makes your clientele return?

I’d like to think the fact I am genuine, nice, attentive, and real. I don’t do BS. 
I really do enjoy my job & I provide a great service that they enjoy. And I believe it shows.

An "Incurable reader", what is your ultimate book porn? 

Hands down, 50 shades of grey! It definitely was one book I could never put down.

Stalking your twitter feed, I see you're a die hard Notebook fan. Ever the romantic, have you fallen in love with a client before? 
I did once.
We dated for quite some time but in the end I broke his heart.
I learnt a lot in that time and I vowed to never do it again. I couldn’t bear how much pain I caused him at the time and I wouldn’t do it again to somebody else.
For me, dating in this job doesn’t work for me. I tried - I failed. So for now I remain single.

You are about to launch a new photo shoot. What is your theme and can we have a sneak peek? 
I actually really wanted to do a garden of Eden theme but this time I opted for no theme.
I will be showing off my new hair style and colour. With some sexy and raunchy new lingerie. Stay tuned!. 

** UPDATE**  It is now live, so check out Zoey's profile link at the bottom of this interview.

What has been your strongest/empowering life moment? 
It’s hard to pinpoint one. There has been so many.
Definitely I learnt the most in my early 20’s. Who to trust, who is really your friend with many more life lessons.
I realised how gullible and naive I was and learnt how to grow a backbone and fend for myself. It was a life changing turning point for me.

Who inspires you? 
My father! He is my rock. I admire him and look up to him greatly. He is amazing and his resilience is outstanding.
He is my number one. I love him to bits. I couldn’t ask for a better father.

Do you speak any other languages? 
I am not fluent in anything, but I can speak enough for travel in Russian.
Yes it is quite the hardest language to learn. At the moment though however I can understand more than I can speak. If you don’t use it you lose it. That quote is true in this instance.

You are bound in silk hand ties in some of your images, are you a little kinky? 
Honestly yes I am. 
I love being handcuffed and tied up any day (with the right person of course). There is a lot I would love to explore and learn. But I haven’t found the courage yet to do so.

Funniest ho moment?
Breaking the bed. It was definitely a first for me. 
Once I heard the creak, I should have stopped , but we kept going and the bed broke. 
We both fell with the bed and couldn’t stop laughing, all in all we moved to a sturdier spot like the kitchen bench.

Image result for 50 shades of grey silk book

What can I say? 50 shades of fun, Zoey is a bed breaker, Russian travel enthusiast and kink curious hottie.
I loved and laughed with Zoey and her funny and insightful stories.
A natural and real age advertiser, what you see and read of Zoey is exactly what you get. She is a down to earth girl, intelligent yet laid back.
You can be comfortable with this Brisbane beauty who is equally as hot between the ears as the sheets.

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