Elle Knox


I am a natural beauty with a flawless complexion, soft curves and a contagious smile that you will have no choice but to catch!

I consider myself to be the perfect playmate from my classy, blonde bombshell look to my unforgettable expertise between the sheets. I enjoy intimate conversation and passionate kissing, but don't be fooled, I also have a naughty wild side that tends to take over.

Upon our first meeting you will quickly notice that I'm energetic, ambitious and always looking to satisfy your needs during our time together. I have been told that my carefree and open minded spirit allows people to truly relax in my company and feel rejuvenated. Are you ready to unwind and let me take care of you?

If you are looking for a girl who you can get lost in conversation with in addition to a fiery passion filled connection, you've found her! 
I've lived an Interesting and multifaceted life and have many tales of three years abroad and the dozens of countries I've visited. I enjoy sharing stories about myself and look forward to hearing yours as well.

I cannot wait to meet you soon! 
Elle xx

*My photos are an accurate representation of myself, I have not been retouched or altered*

Location: Brisbane, QLD

Age 24

Height 167cm

Eyes Hazel

Hair Blonde

Body Type Curvy

Ethnicity Australian

Please contact me and I will happily discuss my list of services to you. Good etiquette is essential, please be polite and well mannered.


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GFE Rates

1 hour: $600.00

2 hour: $1,200.00

3 hour: $1,700.00

Available Angels Interview with Elle Knox

Elle, you are possibly the most outgoing, friendly and courageous escort I have ever met! Where do you get your enthusiasm from and do you think that working in the escort industry has propelled you to new heights?

Wow thank you! I have always been enthusiastic about life, I try and squeeze every drop of enjoyment out of it I can. That mostly involves me doing flamboyant things and taking the piss out of myself a lot and I wouldn't have it any other way.
I've always loved to be the center of attention but could never safely express all faucets of myself.
The sex industry has given be an outlet to express my sexuality in a safe accepting environment and this has only made me more enthusiastic and experimental.
There aren't many places you can freely talk about anal sex, orgies or your love for having hot wax dripped over you.
The sex industry is propelling me to try new things every day.

You’re clearly a very open and free spirited escort with magnificent ambitions! Qualities which I admire hugely! Without disappointing anyone can you tell us where you plan on being in say, 5 year’s time? Still taking the escort world by storm or do you have alternative plans?

You're right, I am very free spirited and I've learnt that you can plan your life out to a tee, creating this illusion of where you'll be in say 5 year’s time. Then life ends up shaking it all up and you end up somewhere you never expected.
I used to try and plan my life but now I like to go with the flow and see where it takes me rather than trying to force myself in a direction that I might have outgrown by then.
All I know for sure is that I'll continue working as an escort for as long as it makes me happy.
That could be until retirement or it could be until next month.
I do have financial goals, business ideas and investment opportunities that I’m pursuing alongside escorting but I think you'll be as surprised as me as to what I end up doing.

I sometimes have to be a little careful how I word this question… Could you tell us, without giving too much away, your ideal booking scenario? What gets Elle Knox going between the sheets?

A huge amount of bookings just flashed through my head. A giant mixture of laughter, heart stopping sex and cuddles!
I was trying to narrow down what all of these bookings had in common, but they were all unique in their own way.
One thing I do love in a booking is some good conversation and building a connection. Sex is great, but what is even better is sex with someone you connect with.
What gets Elle Knox going... I guess this is a good time to let you know that I started escorting as a bit of a fantasy of mine when I was 19. That's how I dipped my toe into the pond and it woke up a very sexual side of me that has been roaring ever since.

You’ve been on plenty tours and have an awesome reputation in Brisbane itself, where would you say has been your favorite place to work as an escort?

I've worked all over the world from London to Dubai to Sydney but hands down Brisbane is my favorite city to work in. The reason is because I have my own apartment, set up the way I like it and I just feel at home doing what I love. It's nice to invite people into a space that is mine and then rock their world.

Finally, my favorite question. I really love to hear about escort adventures, particularly the funny ones! Do you have a funny story that you can tell us? Maybe something that happened on a booking let’s say...?  

Prior to working as an escort in Australia I was a travel companion based in Bangkok but working all over the world, I have so many stories! Skinny dipping in Dubai (highly illegal but a real adrenaline boost), Pretending we had just got married and having an entire bar of people dance around us, crashing my clients Aston Martin DB11 when he was trying to teach me to drive it (not funny at the time but hilarious now!)
There are also simple things that I look back on and just laugh really hard. Such as the time I spend with a client of mine in Brisbane. We usually play Kylie Minogue "Spinning around", drink champagne out of the bottle (classy I know) and slowly strip tease for each other as we laugh our heads off at how ridiculous we are.
I like to make a fool out of myself and have had so much fun, more than I can remember while being "on the clock".

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