devlin black

My name is Devlin Black, a man of wealth and taste with a devil-may-care attitude and a dark sense of humour.

I'm assertive, self-confident and thought-provoking. A high functioning pleasure seeker with hedonistic tendencies.  

Women pursue me because I'm witty, charming and love to get two fingers deep.  I pursue passion over and above profit because I can.

I predominantly service women ages 25-44, mostly from Sydney and the Gold Coast, who fly to me for an appointment for discretion's sake.  

I'm a lifestyle Gigolo based in The Whitsundays. My life is a revolving door of sunshine, sex and sleeping in.  Would you care to join me? 

I prioritize physically intimate, emotionally honest and intellectually stimulating entanglements with compatible ladies. 

All engagements need to be mutually satisfying and rewarding. If not, you're wasting your money and my time.

Follow & DM me on Instagram for all inquiries @DevlinBlack666 or send me a Google chat @ [email protected], no emails.

Location: Sydney , NSW

My Stats

Age 30s

Height 174cm

Eyes Brown

Hair Black

Body Type Dad-Bod

Ethnicity European

Please contact me and I will happily discuss my list of services to you. Good etiquette is essential, please be polite and well mannered.


  • Straight
  • Chat
  • Fetishes
  • BDSM
  • Bondage and Discipline
  • Couples
  • Intimacy Coaching
  • BFE/Male Escort
  • FFM Doubles
  • Oral on Me
  • Mutual Oral
  • Female Clients
  • Sexual Intercourse

Advance bookings are recommended to avoid disappointment, please check my availability below.


Standard Services

Intro Rate

Additional Rates

You can send me a Google Chat request  or DM me on Instagram directly @DevlinBlack666.  For new clients,  I would be willing to discuss an intro booking rate for cost price.   I see no point in wasting your money or my time if there's no connection, as much for your physical safety as my mental health.  I cater to an exclusive client base who want to explore kink.  Keeping in mind I'm straight, and I work on a Fly-In-Fly-Out basis to the 2% of the market segment that love what I do and the 1% who are willing to submit to their curiosity.  

Introspective Introductory Special

I aim to keep my rates bespoke, my services tailored to your needs and my client list exclusive.  To ensure your money and my time aren't wasted, I'm thrilled to be able to offer you an introductory consult at cost price. 

My ethics dictate that I have to be 1,000% certain that we have a connection and you absolutely love what I do and how I make you feel before I seek any form of profit from you.  

Expenses tend to vary widely between engagements between Sydney, The Gold Coast, Mackay and The Whitsundays.  Two hours on a plane feels infinitely shorter than two hours in city traffic.  I want to escape and I want to take you with me.  

$1500+ if I come to you, or $600+ if you come to me.  I'm confident, professional and exclusive... and I don't need the money.  I care about passion more than profit.  If my vibe appeals to you, reach out to me via Instagram @DevlinBlack666 

Ending 30/04/2024

Am I Welcome In Mackay?

Mackay, QLD

 You can spend 15 hours a week on social media. It won’t cost you any money. Only time and opportunity cost.  In that time, you could be getting a tan, getting fingered or literally anything else you would prefer.  If you’d be willing to spend a little money on me, I would be happy to spend some time in you.  Mackay is 121K.If all you want is a professional, discreet, friend with benefits, we can negotiate.  The way I see it I’m saving you from 780 hours of boredom loneliness, and sexlessness — reach out to me on Instagram @ DevlinBlack666 to inquire about my regional concessions and we can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement 

Ending 30/04/2024

Chatting Your Life Away

Can you spare 15 minutes a day?  

It’s slightly less than two hours a week. Daily Instagram chats staring from $180 a week.  Daily audio and video calls also available on bespoke, personalized plans with no minimum lock in period.  These exclusively digital services are priced to sell according to demand.  No harm in taking is there?  

Texting is casual, low stress. You can work your way up to audio and video calls when you are comfortable doing so..  Reach out to me on Instagram via @DevlinBlack666 to discuss your options going forward.  

Merci for your time, ladies.  

Ending 30/04/2024

Couples, Cuckolds & Curious Casuals

Townsville, QLD

I’m accepting applications and invitations from couples in a cuckold lifestyle and couples who want a threesome.  You could waste 10 hours every week on dating apps, you could get invited to private parties. Or you could just contact  me directly and save us both time and money.  I’m in it for the lifestyle and presumably so are you. I can appreciate you love your wife if you can appreciate I just want to fuck her and give her back and cover my costs.  This  service is available Australia wide if you can come to me. If I like the way your wife feels from the inside, I’d love nothing more then to sell you a season pass.  Reach out to me directly on Instagram to inquire @DevlinBlack666 

Ending 30/04/2024

Do You Have The Time?

One year. 52 weeks 365 days.  8760 hours.  525,600 minutes. 31,536,000 seconds.  

I have more than enough time and I have even less need of your money.  Tell me what’s missing in your life, tell me what you need and then we can negotiate cost and price.

I’m the non-drinking, non-smoking, no tattoos, no piercings teetotaler academic type but I dress like a bitchin rock star from Mars.  If you have the time, I would love to meet you, finger you and put a smile on your face.  are you watching closely?

Reach out to me via IG @ DevlinBlack666 to discuss your options, or send me a Google Chat request.

Ending 30/04/2024

Standby Rates Available

Rockhampton, QLD

 I want your business more than I need your money.  The regions are often overlooked.  Especially north, and central Queensland..  I’m talking specifically about  Cairns through to Maryborough.  I can put your name down on a standby list. I am happy to see you in The Whitsundays or Brisbane, privately or on tour, weather and expenses permitting.  I’ve passed through places like Mackay and Longreach and there’s very little to do. If you want to come to The Whitsundays or Brisbane I’m sure we can have some fun. I’m willing to accommodate your first consult for expenses.  At this point in my illustrious career, knowing who I can trust, and who I vibe with more important to me than money. Reach out to me via IG @ devlinblack666 to explore the possibilities with me, today! 

Ending 30/04/2024

Sincerely Seeking Sponsors!

My life is a hotel..  You could pay more or you could pay less.  I’m looking for medium to long term investors  — single or married , I’m not concerned.  I could be here. I could be in Monaco. I could be in Barbados. I choose to stay in The Whitsundays because it’s transient.  I want three things from you. Ito know you want me. To see you every month. To have a sustainable cash flow. If it’s alright with you, first one’s on me, I’ll only ask for expenses.  Reach out to me on Instagram. @DevlinBlack666 to inquire.  

Ending 30/04/2024

Tired of Being Involuntarily Single?

Bundaberg, QLD

You don’t have the time to sort through 3650 potential matches on three different dating apps . 15 hours, a week of reading the same single sentence intro message 70 times a week.  That’s 548 hours of your life,   Three weeks out of your year.  It’s the worlds worst game of musical chairs. Even if you win, you still lose 99.7% of the time because less than 3% of men are eligible.  If you’re making at least $35 an hour, there’s $20,000, you’ve just thrown away and that’s only in one year. If I can sign you up to a Situationship for 12 months I’ll do your first consultation for expenses only.  Feel free to reach out to me via Instagram  @DevlinBlack666 to explore all the ways I can save you time, money, heartbreak, and white game today!

Ending 30/04/2024

FIFO Services Available

I’ll go anywhere for the right client at the  right price.  If you’re considering this option, even casually, you can appreciate what a luxury good company is. I’m sure you can also appreciate how detrimental  and potentially devastating choosing the wrong partner can be to your mental health and finances.  At least 85% of men wouldn’t come up to your standards. not to sell myself short, although I would be willing to negotiate with you on a personal basis. I have no desire to waste your money or my time. In fairness to you most of my competition is embarrassingly immature or embarrassingly self-centered. Judge for yourself.. in the interim, reach out to me on Instagram @DevlinBlack666 to explore your options.

Ending 30/04/2024
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