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About Me

Hello, my name is Dawn Dusk. I would describe myself as naturally beautiful, womanly, genuine, good-natured, witty, intelligent and engaging. I am a twenty-eight-year-old Australian with a Finnish background, a petite hourglass figure, and a wealth of experience resulting in a unique blend of sensual, tantric and professional massage. I am very well-travelled and enjoy conversing, however, I am equally at ease sharing silence. Please read my reviews to better understand who I am, the experience I provide and the impression I leave.

The Experience


My intimate blend of massage styles offers a personalised encounter tailored to your unique needs, preferences, and energies. Anticipate a unparalleled, creative, and feminine flow of beautiful energy, guiding you to contentment within and beyond our time together. My massage isn't just about touch; it's a seductive journey that treats you as a whole, interconnected being.

During your booking, I will be fully engaged and present, leaving us no room for mundane distractions like grocery lists.

Our sessions are carefully crafted to harmonise and align your physical, emotional, and spiritual facets, guiding you towards heightened arousal and tranquility. This transcends a typical massage; it's an immersive journey toward self-awareness, relaxation, joy, physical and mental health and a deeper connection with your inner sensuality.

As your guide, I will be the giver, and you will be the receiver. Immerse yourself in this artful composition as I employ a symphony of gentle to firm massage techniques, a seductive dance of purposeful caresses with slow, deliberate movements, the alluring embrace of body-to-body contact and rhythmic strokes with hot oil. Picture moments adorned with the tantalising touch of feathers or silk, enhancing the awakening of your body's intricate nervous system.

Your whole body will be looked after, with various techniques employed on the most intimate part of you. This can include controlled arousal if time is on our side. These techniques should eventually liberate you from any pent-up emotional or physical tension. Enjoy receiving and surrendering to pleasure through my energy, touch and intention. In hour bookings, I gracefully manoeuvre beneath the table, intensifying pleasure as you admire the feminine form and enjoy my caress.

The Setting

Welcome to my secure, discreet, private workspace, with no concierge, in Waterloo, conveniently located just a 5-minute drive from Taylor Square/Oxford St. Here, I provide a clean, welcoming, and mutually respectful setting with soft, sensual music and dimly coloured lighting to set the mood and create an atmosphere of relaxation and eroticism. For your comfort and pleasure, I offer sessions on a purpose-built tantra table with dual openings, which is especially nice for gentlemen. The room also features large mirrors. The bathroom offers multiple soap choices (scented or unscented), deodorant and mouthwash. I use high-quality oil, which leaves no scent or residue after your last shower and is great for your skin.



Connect via text at 0456 634 365, specifying your name, desired booking duration, preferred time, and date. Note that phone calls are not attended to. Note that enquiries about extras are not responded to.


The Investment

Payment is received in cash at the start or via beem. While I appreciate bookings made in advance, I'm also open to short-notice bookings if the stars align. Please note that my working hours conclude by midnight.

A Final Word

I strictly adhere to the provision of this sensual tantric massage service only. Allow my extensive experience, skillful touch, pretty appearance, engaging personality, and warm hospitality fulfill your needs.

With the privilege of already hosting returning clientele, I am seeking quality patrons over quantity.


Today I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Dawn again. Wow, what an amazing woman. Sophisticated, extremely charming and an hour of pure relaxation and eroticism. Thanks Dawn, you are amazing…

Thankyou so much for that perfectly dreamy hour tonight – you really are a princess!

Thank you so much for the lovely time we spent together yesterday. Having my first girl-on-girl experience was really scary for me but you made me feel so comfortable and I can honestly say that I enjoyed it so much. You’re so beautiful and easy to talk to, I actually can’t stop thinking about you 🙂 

When they made the stunning Dawn they broke up the mould, scattered the bits to the far corners of the earth, burned them, then scattered the ashes to the even farthest corners of the globe, then killed everyone who knew what had happened, because there would never be another Dawn.
Enough said.
She is beyond compare.

An absolute dream. The perfect amount of build up to an absolutely epic finale, by a stunningly gorgeous girl!
Definitely be back for more and for longer!
Highly recommended.
PS: I would rate more stars if available – she is seriously off-the-scale good!

Dawn is a fantasy coming true for me.

Some thoughts….

—Girls stuff their feet into high heels for us right, so we love it when their toes get all deformed as a result. Accordingly a girl with beautiful delicate feet and toes who I assume rarely subjects her feet to heels may not be your thing.

– Fake breasts are becoming increasingly common. This may have something to do with many of my gender being convinced bigger is better. Personally, liking slender girls I’ve developed a taste for smaller breasts. Less breast weight often equates to perky for longer. Slim girls with perky breasts have always trumped other combinations for me. So when, by some 1-in-a-million genetic freak of nature I found myself beholding in undeniable splendour right there in front of me the most perfectly formed, firm, self-supporting, natural set of D-cups with delicate sweet little pink perfect nipples to go with them, I changed my tastes quick smart. 🙂 I’ve seen a lot of breasts and Dawn’s are not only the finest in their class but they have also managed to change my life-long belief that smaller equates to finer.

– Unlike me, your genetics and social conditioning may not have programmed you to be a hopeless slave to your desire for truly beautiful women. 🙂 I’m not talking the women in cheap men’s magazines with fake hair and breasts, excess makeup and tattoos. I’m talking Hollywood actress, billboard cosmetics advertising, ladies’ hair dye packaging or women’s magazine face model beauty. Honestly, Dawn has a face that could open doors to any of those positions and I struggle making sense of her being available for me to pay so little to be able to enjoy her beauty in a way I could only dream of with the fading memory of the most beautiful girl I’d passed in the street all year.

Ok, so I hear you think, if she’s that physically perfect, she must be stuck up, unauthentic, less enthusiastic in the room. Well amazingly, my experience, completely the opposite. Dawn’s service is flexible, intuitive and perfectly satisfies my needs. Nothing feels rushed and our endings have on each occasion been overwhelming full body experiences that have left my toes, hands and limbs throbbing and tingling with pleasure and she has knowingly massaged and caressed these parts while I rest with the lack of blood remaining in my brain rendering me near unconscious. I have left on each occasion full of more energy and excitement than I arrived with, enriched by the time we spent together.

My times with Dawn feel so genuine I have to constantly remind myself not to fall for her. Then again maybe it’s too late. To modify a saying from a slightly different playing field, “guys don’t pay for [erotic massage]; we pay to be able to leave when it’s finished”. So why do I not want to leave, or why do I require all of my will-power to hold myself back from returning the following day? Is Dawn just the perfect actress and I’m being lead with a huge grin on my face down the road to poverty? Who knows? Who cares? The great big grin on my face is all that matters and it will guide me back to her perfect warmth of personality and beauty within the next week for me to ponder these questions afresh. 🙂

I just wanted to write you a short note to say what a pleasure it was to meet you tonight. Thank you for such a lovely massage – that really was something special – and for being so warm and welcoming… It would be great to see you again sometime. I’ll make sure I book in for longer next time, if only to be able to talk with you a little more. It’s always such a delight to meet someone so charming. Hope you have a lovely week, amidst all this wild weather.

I feel really good after spending time with you again and sharing with you. Well worth the drive from the mountains only to spend time with you. I’m now well fuelled for another big week of work… I think I may have been smiling all the way home. Music sounds better and I feel at least a couple of inches taller…

I had the pleasure of spending an hour with the lovely Dawn.
The experience was unbelievable… Dawn made a significant effort to ensure I was comfortable and having a great time all the way through the whole session.
I will absolutely come and see her again soon.

Not only was the massage a 10/10 experience, but Dawn was very easy to have a conversation with and truly genuine....I was in heaven for the whole hour and look forward to seeing her again real soon!! My time with her was nothing short of amazing!!!
PS: I forgot to mention Dawn has the most beautiful smile and a fantastic body!!

I must say that was the most erotically in-tune experience I’ve ever had… and it was pure bliss. She is a gorgeous, gorgeous lady who made me feel special, and besides being easy to talk to, Dawn is approachable and has a smile and body that makes a guy like me forget everything else in the world – it was the little details and extra attention that made the hour experience super special!

Location: Waterloo, NSW

My Stats

Age 20s

Height 163cm

Eyes Hazel

Hair Brunette

Body Type Petite hourglass

Ethnicity Caucasian

Please contact me and I will happily discuss my list of services to you. Good etiquette is essential, please be polite and well mannered.


  • Bisexual
  • Handjob
  • Oil Massage
  • Erotic Massage
  • Body Slide

Advance bookings are recommended to avoid disappointment, please check my availability below.


Standard Services


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