Bridget Belle

SG based college sweetheart | US tour since March

Are you a creature of the night? Do you adore being surrounded by a girl sophisticated with luxury piece- like sense? Are you that one have a thing on innocent girl next door? Or you desire trying something fancy and wild on the dark side? You will find difficult to get tired of me, because I'm more than two- faced. (Just kidding :)) Why don't you come a little closer? I'll be your perfect rendezvous, or I can be the treat  you get addicted to. Don't believe? Try! Save this website you should, just in case you don't know where to find the sanctuary when life goes on too much.

I've been told my appearance deceptive. Most people don't believe what I say about there's a bad girl inside of me by the first glance seeing the obedient, soft- structured, innocent face of mine. I've got crystal clear, almond shaped eyes with hazel color as mellow as sky in the sunset, cute peachy cheeks, and baby sized soft thick lips. Brush your fingertips on my flawless skin you would want to pass out for it. Think of the body of Marilyn Monroe. If you are a fan of curvy shape, you would love my hourglass body. What else do you need when you can put your hands on my 62cm super narrow waist then my natural breasts can't be held with one hand?

During years of strict upbringing, I've been trained to have graceful manner. I am caring and understanding. I've been friends with the word "sophistication" for a long time and I know the practical skills of it. In social scenes, I never fail doing &speaking the right thing in the right time. For sure this is not my only side. Being that girl- next- door, I am cute and innocent, bright as sunshine, always with a clean smile hang on my face, focused listening as I really care and never judge (Even in my mind, I believe the fairness of most existing). I can be really naughty, you would love to make trouble with me behind the closed door. More spicy you wondering this girl can be, huh?  I am the disobey school girl, your intern, the girl cop handcuffs you... (For GFE &PSE, please have a look of my website for details)

I'm fond of reading, especially biography and personal development catalogs. I do freelancing art and find this profession offers me enormous inspiration. (Follow my Instagram observing the artistic life I lead.) I'm a typical nerd studying in tertiary and addicted to lingeries, a super fan of Agent Provocateur I call myself so. I enjoy going to library, museums and bookstores, of course exploring boutiques, fine dining restaurants and amazing bars are my as well.

Now you would now have a basic picture of me. Let's meet! Because there are many things words can't show by themselves. Look around my website make sure you read my booking policy and etiquette session (click here to read) then contact me simply through recommended methods. Make sure you follow up my twitter and Instagram as well and check them up frequently, I promise you would find my creativity appealing.

Make me your treat and explore further. I promise you won't regret!


Brigitte Knight

* Email is the preferred contact method.

* The number left in contact method is for WhatsApp ONLY, I WON'T BE ABLE TO RECEIVE SMS.

Location: International

My Stats

Age 20s

Height 168 ccm

Eyes Hazel

Hair Brown

Body Type Curvy

Ethnicity Asian

Please contact me and I will happily discuss my list of services to you. Good etiquette is essential, please be polite and well mannered.


  • Please ask me about my services

Advance bookings are recommended to avoid disappointment, please check my availability below.


Standard Services

GFE- 1.5h: Perfect rendezvous
GFE- 2h: Best- pick for 1st time clients
GFE- 3h: Treat of the day
GFE- 4h: 2hrs dinner 2 hrs play
GFE- 15h: Romantic night over with least 6 hrs sleep
GFE- 24h: The whole day escape
GFE- weekend: A very Brigitte weekend

Additional Rates

*Please find my rates on my website. (Check CONCTACT for access)

*Existing clients before 1st Oct 2019 will be given my previous consideration all the time.

*I currently accept only outcalls. Incalls are organised on monthly basis in Singapore and the date will be on notification a month ahead on my website, please follow my social account for update and check this page frequently.

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