Express yourselves Escorts.

Creativeness is the use of one’s imagination to sculpt an original idea into reality. The bulk of creativity comes right at the start of an idea when the light bulb flickers on inside your head. The journey that first idea takes will be a bumpy one and you will lose some of it along the way, but if you stick to your guns and persevere, through thick and thin, with a heavy hand and an open heart, your idea will flourish into a creative success.

The Available Angels team has been constructing something magical behind the scenes. Like all new online developments, the level of innovation has been tested by the boundaries of today’s technology. However, each speedbump we’ve crept over has added to the rolling momentum and we’re finally edging towards a very exciting conclusion. As an escort directory it’s not difficult to conjure a creative idea, the hard part comes when you have to sell your idea to advertisers and clients alike. With all things change it hard to accept, particularly if you’re content within your ways. Available Angels hopes to show the whole escort industry that a change is as good as the rest and we firmly believe that all private escorts, independent escorts, escort agencies and part time escorts will see our directory as the future of advertising.

I’ve come across many creative pockets within the escort industry, some beaming with originality and others modifying the industry normalities. I’d love to give Estelle Lucas a mention, she’s a beautiful Melbourne based Escort who truly is a pioneer when it comes to artistic marketing and creative design, her website is a fantastic example of class, sophistication and original thinking; check it out here -

Another cool example of creativeness is that of Bridgette Wilson, the superb photographs she had taken a few months back are mesmerizing. They don’t only leave you staring gormlessly at the screen but they also trigger your imagination - kick starting your brain into placing yourself right there with her! A truly wonderful and bold way to market one’s self. Please check out Bridgette’s pictures here on her Available Angels profile:

All in all, I believe the escort industry gives sex workers the freedom and autonomy to get downright creative! You can do it ladies and gents, use Available Angels as your personal platform to trial new things on your profile or upload that quirky photograph! Make Available Angels the birthplace of all your unique ideas.  Thank you for reading my blog, I leave you with a parting quote from a weird thought thinker Dr Seuss…

“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh the thinks you can think up if only you try”

Team AA xxx