Interview with Gabby K

Gabby K, is relatively new to Brisbane but by God she is one wise escort with a lot to offer any man looking for a special booking! She's not only stunning to the eye she also modestly harbours a wealth of knowledge, experiences and educated opinions. 

1.     ‘Lover of fine whiskey and blowjobs’ I’m not sure a man could read a more satisfying sentence. Tell us where and how your love for whiskey and more importantly blowjobs began?

There's this idea that the white spirits are somehow 'girlier' or smoother - young women tend to order vodka and gin when they want something easier to drink. But white spirits, especially at the cheaper end are actually way harsher than most whiskeys and bourbons. When I was 18 I was working in really upmarket cocktail lounges, and we had pretty extensive training in 'fine spirit selection' where I got to try all these expensive and rare whiskeys and bourbons! It was great, I really developed a taste for them and I got to know what I liked. I've always preferred sweeter blends and single malts - whiskeys aged in sherry casks or port barrels. Lately I've been trying some interesting Japanese whiskeys too. As for blowjobs I think that's another misconception! You're always hearing these ridiculous stories about women giving blowjobs on special occasions and it makes it seem like women hate giving them, but that's not what I've heard from most women! It's something that I know I'm good at and that brings someone else pleasure, so what's not to love? I've always been able to deepthroat without any problems too, which probably helps. 

2.     Being a Brisbane based escort could you tell our readers what you love most about this wonderful city and do you enjoy being an escort here in Brisbane or would you rather escort elsewhere?

I've only just moved to Brisbane actually! I've been living all over the world the last few years - mostly in America so it's nice to be back in Australia. So far I'm loving how sweet all my clients have been - they keep bringing me whiskey! And they've all been really fun to talk to and really chill in general. I've had some great sex in Brisbane, the men here know how to show a girl a good time! I love to travel and I've been an escort in nine different countries across four continents but for now I'm looking forward to settling into Brisbane and getting to know the city. 

3.     I always like to ask our escorts just how they get into the industry… Any chance you could tell us how it all began and do you have any advice for ladies thinking about becoming escorts?

I was studying for my Masters degree at the time and I didn't want to work in bars anymore, I couldn't handle the late nights and the long hours on my feet when I had such an intense schedule. I was having a lot of sex already, I've always been very sexually active so it seemed like a good idea. The first place I did sex work was in a brothel in Melbourne, which was okay, but I found the rules a bit restrictive and I didn't like working in the dark all day. I switched to private work after a few months. At my first outcall ever I was at a hotel and the lift doors opened - and Tony Abbott was there! I thought he was my client, I was so stunned! It wasn't him though, my client was behind him. 

I always encourage people who are just starting out to participate in the community as much as possible. Sex workers are amazing people, most of my closest friends are sex workers now. You can end up a bit isolated if you don't make friends because you're not going in to an office every day; you spend a lot of time alone. 

4.     Could you tell us a little about what gets you going…? Without ruining the surprise for potential clients, we’d love to hear about what turns you on between the sheets?

Cheeky! I really like pleasing people. I think one of the major perks of being an escort is getting to make people feel good every time you see them. When I can hear and see clients having a good time and really enjoying themselves - letting go, it's a huge turn on for me. 

5.     Finally, tell us what Gabby does for fun… how do you kick back and relax when you have a day off? 

I love to read, and I spend a lot of time in used book shops looking for treasures. I also do a lot of yoga and I like to hike and swim - I like to get out of the city whenever I can. I just got back from a two week hiking and kayaking trip a couple of weeks ago. I'm a bit of a sucker for gaming as well, which surprises most people. I follow current affairs, finance and politics really closely, I'm a bit of a nerd.

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