Interview with Jessica Romanov

Jessica Romanov is a Gold Coast escort and companion. 
Meet the instatiable Russian blooded beauty.

Jessica, you joined Available Angels in May and we were your very first directory to advertise on. 
I was completely delighted that you had an immediate result within your first week and it seems you're still doing well. 
You literally popped up out of nowhere and you've already got a bunch of subscribers on Available Angels and a growing follower base on Twitter. 
Your name is becoming known in the escort industry. Congratulations!

  • Welcome to escorting! What inspired you to join the industry?
    Oh wow, thank you so much! I am so overwhelmed by the love and support that I have been shown in the industry so far! And yes, my first ever booking was through Available Angels and he is still one of my regulars I am happy to say!
    The process to become an independent escort was a very long one for me really. I have been thinking about it for a few years after jokes from male friends that I should get paid for what I love to do. I have done a lot of exploring of my sexuality in the past through many different avenues and mediums, so I am very comfortable with myself and letting go in that regard. I truely love getting to know someone and learning what makes them tick, and that leads to great sex and real intimacy. The initial decision was when I was backed into a corner in a horrible job that I hated that was never going to give me the means to do what I ultimately want to do. I was sick of being exploited and going backwards very fast in life, physically and mentally. I am honestly happier than I have ever been, and achieving more than I ever have before in other endeavours. Being an escort allows me to keep busy with other little projects that are close to my heart and enjoy every aspect of my life.


  • I love your term "Relaxation Enthusiast". Is this a term for your services or are you also seeking the wonders of finding ways to unwind yourself? I see you are a personal trainer and a bit of a gym babe. As if a gym workout wasn't enough, you have horses too? Now I know how you keep your thighs and your bum so tight and firm! Relaxation definitely needed after that workout!
    Haha! That is a term that I have been using for a while now to explain the fact that I am fundamentally lazy! Yes I enjoy keeping busy. I love organising things, holidays or events for example, and have numerous volunteer positions within the community, but I adore spending afternoons sitting in the sun drinking wine and watching the mountains or binge watching TV shows with ice-cream. Hedonism truly is a big part of my life and I enjoy doing things that are pleasurable, and I have no  problem being the bad influence to bring people with me haha. My horses are a bit part of that too! When I was younger I would sit in the middle of the paddock for hours reading listening to them graze around me. And I know the pleasure seeking completely contradicts my other career. Yes, I run my own Personal Training business. I am always in the gym and have just committed to doing a body building competition next year so will be taking some time off to do that. But I love training and feeling strong, and the kick ass butt I get from it!
  • Tell me about the wonders of booking an escort on the Gold Coast? What are your favourite places to take your travelling clients when you want to show off your beautiful beach city, and where are you yet to go/try?                    
    I have discovered that the Gold Coast is a bit individual for outcall girls. Most of my clients are travelling businessmen, or your tourists. Yes the beach is popular indeed haha! I would love to take someone on a day out through Mt Tambourine for some great food and wine. It is the forgotten end of the Gold Coast and is only half an hour away from the beach. That is why I love living here so much!


  • Russian heritage but Australian born and raised, have you been back to your roots and explored Russia and would you ever consider being an escort in Russia and Europe?                                                                                             
    No, Russia has a bit of a story to it for my family. My Grandfather escaped from Russia when the communists took over power and he was exiled from his position. Yes that would make him very old, for the history buffs doing their math correctly. It is a very long story and there was even a book written about the escape. It is quite a story haha. So I really don’t know how I would go being in Russia. He died when my mother was young, so I never met him but resonate with that side of my family deeply. We did visit Ipre in Belgium for the war history a few years ago (he was an officer), and happen to stay in a chateau that was an officer’s RnR quarters and found his signature in the register book. It was a very emotional trip and made me very thankful I live in Australia. On a lighter note, I would love to one day tour globally! I absolutely love Europe and travelling! 



  • Bisexual, adventurous and fantasy aficionado, what is your absolute face melting sexual experience you love to provide or receive as an escort?                                                                                                                                            
    I absolutely adore the power of touch and how completely sensual and simple it is. No gimmicks or tools. Just electricity. 
    Being in the industry for the short time I have, I have had the pleasure of meeting some absolutely lovely gentlemen and I love being a luxury companion. Just relaxing and enjoying each others company and bodies. I am excited about my upcoming debut touring schedule, and seeing what the gentlemen and I can get up to! Even some doubles work! I love challenges and new experiences so can’t wait to see what the future holds for me in this industry!!!

Wow Jessica, what an amazing little insight into your world.
Your Grandfather was a courageous man, and on a selfish note we're glad he came to Australia because now we have his Krasivaya Kukla.
Thank you so much Jessica.


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