Interview with Mia Monroe

MIA MONROE - Escort East Sydney.

What can one say about the delectable Mia Monroe? Renown in the industry, Mia has an unsurpassable reputation for her genuine attitude, her professional approach and her drool inducing booty!

If you have not met this Sydney babe, you probably live in a cave. Come out and meet Mia Monroe. Ultimate GFE/PSE and XXX goddess.

1. Like the 29k + followers you have, I am addicted to your twitter feed. You are very active in showcasing your availability and up to date professional photos and selfies. How do you balance your time with a busy escort career and study?

Hmmm its extremely tricky but lucky I am so passionate about both I am more than happy to be chasing my tail 24/7. The most important thing for me is making “me” time. I love playing with my animals, baths and reading! This rejuvenates me so when I’m focusing on my business and study I am 110% in mind and body.

2. Doggie style, and I’m not talking the dirty kind! You are a mum to 2 adorable pooches, what other pets do you have or would you like?

My two gorgeous pugs are my life, I am obsessed with them. I also have an Eclectus parrot named Jimmy. He is the sweetest little boy ever and knows nearly 20 words so we are always chatting away to each other hehe.  Oh my goodness, I am such an animal person I would love so many more! I plan on getting another pug and Jimmy a girlfriend. I just need to make sure I have enough time to welcome them into our family warmly… When I retire I would to live on a farm and breed pugs and have massive bird aviary!

3. What is your favourite booking?

Last minute cheeky bookings or long GFE style companionship? That such a hard question! It totally depends on my mood and the client… Some days I am totally in the mood for a fast and furious quickie and other days I feel like a long luscious lunch followed by a long mischievous dessert! I offer from 45 minutes up to 48 hours so I am lucky I get quite a mixed bag.

4. Do you have a secret talent in your regular life?

I have this magic talent of spending thousands of dollars of stuff I don’t need in half an hour online shopping. When it arrives I think to myself “why on earth did I buy all this crap and where am I going to put it hahaha! Needless to say I have enough condoms and lingerie to last me the next 5 years! Thanks so much MIa Monroe! We loved reading your interview and we know the viewers will love it to.

Keep being awesome! xxx

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