Interview with Krissi Adelaide

1. I see you're an avid lover of the red grape! Being an Adelaide based escort, you are exposed to Australia's best wineries. Have you always had a taste for the finer things in life? 

I believe I've always had a taste for the finer things in life. I was introduced to red wine during family gatherings during my late teenage years and I soon discovered I had a good palate for it. I enjoy sharing a shiraz with a nice meal or a cab sav when socialising. I'm not a wine snob but I know what i like! 


2. Originally from the UK it seems... Would you mind telling us if you were an escort back in the UK or was it only when you moved to Adelaide that you became an escort? If the former, which do you prefer? 

I am an Adelaide girl but was drawn to the UK for many years before moving and living there for nearly 4 years. I worked in Adelaide before moving. I tried working in England whilst there but it was tough and different in the way of advertising and the location I was in, wasn't in as high demand as the likes of London etc. I definitely prefer working in Adelaide! 


3. You obviously have a very real and bold passion when it comes to your profession as an escort... Being sexy and confident definitely comes natural to you - would you happen to have any advice for other escorts in Adelaide or even Australia wide escorts? 

My profession is my passion. It suits me 100%. Not only do I adore sex and sensual, physical contact, but i love meeting new people. I get great job satisfaction in making people feel better and putting a smile on their face. 

My advice is to be confident and comfortable with yourself in the experience that you provide. Enjoy it and have fun along the way. 


4. Having such a physically and emotionally demanding job must take it out of you! Could you tell us a little about how you spend your down time.. What's your idea of pure relaxation? 

I like to chill out at home. Watch TV or a movie, cook, catch up with friends etc. I am also learning ballroom dancing and doing horse riding lessons so I find it a nice way to take myself out of 'work' mode. I also treat myself and go on an international holiday at least once a year. 


5. Finally, our readers don't tend to know a lot about Adelaide and what it has to offer as an escort... Could you tell us about some good and bad experiences you've had down there in Adelaide? 

I've been lucky enough not to have any real bad experiences. I have several lovely regular clients that treat me exceptionally well. It doesn't really matter where you are or in what industry, good and bad happens. The positives about Adelaide is that it is a beautiful, quiet and small city that is close to everything. Beaches, countryside, cafes and wineries. The weather is perfect and typically seasonal so it's a great place to come work from at any time of the year. It's my home town and I love it! 

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