Interview with Brooke Beauford



Brooke Beauford, one of Melbourne’s finest escorts – she boasts an enchanting name, distinguished looks and a sexual appetite that could appease Hugh Hefner. Let’s take a step into Brooke’s world for an escort interview.


Miss Beauford! As an escort you’re considered to excel in your field, which is sex! If you could let us in on a little secret and tell us just what turns Brooke on during a booking I’m sure our clients would love to hear it?

A little secret which I don't actually think is much of a secret but finding out what your lover likes and enjoys and not being selfish in the bedroom, I like to cater to my client’s desires and needs as best I can. I’m a sucker for dirty talk I love when clients feel comfortable enough with me to get a bit creative and let go of their inhibitions. 


Being based in Melbourne, can you tell us some of your favourite pastimes or hobbies? How does Brooke kick back and relax?

I love eating out and trying new restaurants in Melbourne, there is so many to choose and experience especially restaurants that do share plates or tapas style I find that fun. I love going up to the Dandenong Hills or the Yarra valley it’s so beautiful and makes exercising easier if you go with a friend and do a walk whilst taking in the scenery. I don't do it often enough but I also love reading; there is a geeky side to me ;-)


I read in your bio that you’re adventurous! The most fun escorts do tend to offer adventurous packages with their clients – can you tell us a time when you’ve fed the internal adrenaline junky inside you? Excite us!

Hmmmm outside of the bedroom? I have to be honest but besides from rides at theme parks I have been pretty vanilla in that regard. That’s an idea for a date maybe, let’s go bungee jumping hehe. Sexually I would like to try a MMF scenario, if it’s anything like a MFF I think it would be a lot of fun. 


Let’s slow things down a touch! Dinner party! You can invite three guests, any three in the whole world, past or present – who would they be and why?

Pamela Anderson, she is hot and seems really lovely and of course she is a fellow vegan. Paulo Coelho the alchemist is still one of my favourite books and Dolly Parton I have loved her music since I was a little girl and she seems so bubbly and fun. 


Finally, we always like to finish off with a laugh!  Everyone has a story they love to tell, it can be funny, dark, embarrassing just treat us to either one of your own experiences or something that’s happened to a friend…

mmm it’s a hard one to think of one that is not incriminating so I’ll tell one about a good older friend of mine who recently asked me, "does your computer have YouTube?", it made me laugh anyway. 


Love Brooke x

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