Interview with Bridgette Wilson

Firstly thank you very much for taking me up for an interview, I’d love to share my experiences and thoughts about being an Wollongong escort and a Australian touring escort. 

I have to start by asking about your vast number of tour dates booked! Here at Available Angels we love to promote touring escorts – both our directors are also touring escorts so we know the planning, effort and upsets that come with an escort’s tour. Can you tell us some of your favourite things about being a touring escort and maybe some of the pitfalls?

Being an escort is something I am very proud of. The things we have to do to organise and plan, and what we go through can only be handled by someone who is mentally strong and open minded. Without these traits you would find it difficult to cope. I am still learning as I go, as I am still very new. Even though I must be discreet, I still enjoy showing as much as I can in my photos.

One of my favourite things about being an escort is that I can live a balanced lifestyle. By only working 2 – 3 days a week I have the time to live a social life with friends and family, exercise daily, and focus on achieving my goals. By living this lifestyle, I feel very fresh and look forward to my tours and travelling to different locations and meeting new people. I take my tours as a holiday! It may sound funny but I love to travel even if it’s not that far, it gives me a change of scenery and I can explore the location in my spare time.

Although being an escort may seem fun, and if you are a gentleman reading this, you may now wish you were a girl! (lol), there may be times where not everything runs smoothly. Like most escorts you will come across disrespectful clients. In these case’s it may to be too late to terminate the booking as you may feel threatened that they can harm you if you do. So you just carry on as if nothing is wrong, and try to calm the situation when appropriate. Other pitfalls about being an escort is ‘no shows’. This can really affect your business if you have travelled to far locations for an outcall or you missed out on genuine bookings for an incall. Unfortunately, this is why I now require a small deposit to be paid before I meet clients for the first time. It confirms to me that you are genuine.


You have an impeccably toned body – you obviously take a lot of pride in your appearance. Tell us how you keep in shape and what motivates you to do so?

One thing I’ve noticed that when someone comes to meet me for the first time, they comment on my body as if they’ve never seen one like mine before. Their eyes almost pop out! I love seeing people’s reactions, it’s a compliment for me. However, I am not lucky to have a body like this. I am lucky to have the motivation to exercise and eat healthy!

I enjoy the feeling of working out hard and sweating. For me exercise is my medicine, it’s a form of stress relief and meditation. I don’t even have to plan exercise into my routine. It’s just part of my lifestyle and it’s my favourite thing to do. It’s an addiction. I enjoy a variety of exercises such as swimming, cycling, running, and weights. It keeps my mind fresh and body in shape.


You seem like a very positive and bubbly escort… Have you always had these qualities or can you thank escorting for the bright outlook on life?

I have been told I am a bubbly escort, it’s a trait I’ve always had. I have a bright outlook on life and view the negatives as a challenge and positives as a reward. It’s very hard to offend someone like me, I do not take things to heart, may be because I am very open minded and perhaps I realise those who do try to offend are hilarious, and so I just move on.


You’re obviously a VERY DISCREET ESCORT! Very important for a lot of clients. Can you give some young escorts starting out a bit of advice on why it’s important to be discreet and keep your personal life separate from your working life?


As you can see I am a very discreet escort, I do not show my face as it will give away my identity. My true identity is my face and this is something I must keep for myself. It’s very important for young escorts starting out to really think this through, whether you are in this for the long term or short term, and is it worth posting your face so the whole world can see who you are and maybe track your real name? Something to consider.

For me, I find it much easier to separate my working life and private life. When you work as an escort, keep it low profile for you and your client. Yes you can still have a great time together and develop a connection if you want to make regulars, just keep your private life to yourself. You never know when things can turn against you and you may have a lot to lose.


Make us smile Bridgette! Can you tell us a little something to make us laugh, cry or cringe? A story, experience or even something you may have heard through the grapevine! Let’s finish this interview with a smile on our faces.

As I’ve mentioned earlier I am still fairly new to being an escort, and so far I really do like this and can’t imagine a better way to make easy money and enjoy what I do at the same time. I’m sure in time I will experience something weird or funny, I will not be surprised!

Thank you for reading through my experiences, I hope you got to know me a little bit more!


Bridgette xx


Thanks for your interview piece Bridgette, the men are VERY lucky to have such a beautiful wollongong escort and a Australian touring escort. Available Angels are delighted to promot your last-minute availability Australia wide. Gents, if your interested, please SUBSCRIBE to Bridgette and be notified when she is next visiting your city. 

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