Interview with Eden Holly

Whilst Eden was on tour in Brisbane, I had the pleasure of interviewing this sexy little bunny!

Eden Holly, private and mischevious escort in Sydney.
International escort and local babe, lets take a closer look at what makes up the beautiful Eden Holly.
Fellas, this one is sassy but really sweet! Make time to meet this Angel.

1. Welcome to Brisbane Holly. Cliche'd question, but do you come here often? 

Hahaha thank you! Yes, I do come to Brisbane often. In the past two years, I've been up around ten times for work alone. I've gotten to know the CBD really well. Plus not only that, I have family in Brisbane, so I can work then catch up with them. 

2. When you're not touring around the cities of Australia, you also tour Honk Kong, Thailand, Singapore and Sweden. Wow Holly, thats certainly a range of for an international escort. How often do your travel overseas and is there a favourite country you love to visit? 

Oh my, I've already been overseas three times this year for both tours and personal reasons, I have a couple more planned plus a mini holiday to the South Pacific very soon. 

Actually, I am looking at heading back to Singapore and Honkers in October plus I'd like to check out New Zealand and Japan and Malaysia and UAE and finally get back to catch up with people in UK and Sweden. I do dream of working in America - NEW YORK to be specific.

My favourite place is Hong Kong, I just love the fast pace, the food, people I've met and can't forget the cool rooftop bars - I should work for HK Tourism hahaha. All of these things make working there a blast.

3. Wow, you're an exotic combination of Mauritius and Swedish, what can a client expect to see when meeting you that we cant already see from your gorgeous photos?

Clients can expect a cute bundle of fun, who is pretty, intelligent and sexy. But sometimes, they don't know what to expect! I think they get curious as they have this preconception in their heads that Swedes are blonde and no idea about Mauritian people, so when they meet me, they're pleasantly surprised.  

I've had clients say to me that they thought I'd be much taller (I'm only 5'2"), and then when I take my heels off, they're like you are so tiny. I've had clients say to me that I'm amazing and everything they want in a woman. I've been told I'm beautiful and sexy. I think it's down to the individual client's taste in a woman and what they are looking to experience. I've had clients ask me to marry them but I never take them serious as they get caught up in the moment. 

My favourite saying is - I'd rather be someone's shot of Tequila than everyone's cup of tea!!!

4. What's better than one girl? Two of course! I see you provide a lesbian experience. What drives you wild about having sex with women in front of men and couples? 

Women are just sensual creatures and nothing is more erotic to me than kissing another woman. The softness of a woman compared to the more hardness of man is just mind blowing. And having both at the same time, well what can I say, I'm greedy! Another thing with women, is that we are all turned on by different things in bed, what does it for me in bed doesn't necessarily do it for you. That's why it's always good to ask and explore together. I think communication in the bedroom is so important. I like to give pleasure and to receive pleasure. 

5. Tell us about your city. To a business traveller who's never experienced the true local life, whats your recommendation for the best little hot spots a gent can explore with a Sydney escort?

Well, I am a Bondi girl, so I know all the cute little bars and restaurants in my area plus there are plenty of amazing places to check out in Surry Hills, Newtown and Darlinghurst. 

For client dinners I would recommend anywhere along King St wharf/Lime St, Cockle Bay Wharf and Circular Quay. Although, my favourite places to dine are Altitude at Shangri La and Morrison's on George St. Actually anywhere with a view of the water and a glass of Champagne!

6. Innocent looking, what's this dark side you speak of in your profile? What is the most deliciously evil service you've got up to with a mutually curious client?

Mmmmm I'm not one to kiss and tell but let's just say it involved a ferry trip to a resort in Asia. I have to protect the not so innocent! 

Although, I will put it out there that, tying a man up in a chair in hotel room is one of my favourite things.....oh and having fun with anal beads......

Eden Holly xxx

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