Why Brisbane Is Amazing | Brisbane Escorts | Available Angels

Why Brisbane Is Amazing | Brisbane Escorts | Available Angels

Posted On 12/04/2017 by AA Admin

BLOG: The Land of milk and honey, part one.



After living here for 3 short years I would like to advise all Australian’s out there to never take this wonderful country for granted, this is after all the land of milk and honey! There is so much opportunity here that it’s hard to fail and that can’t be said for most other developed countries around the world. In part one of this blog I’m going to discuss specifically, some of Brisbane’s greatest attributes; from its unique variety of private independent escorts to the hot-spots and cosy corners you can take them.


It all began for me at your far too familiar Supermarkets! A lot of you will think I’m crazy but one of the first things I noticed when I arrived in Brisbane was how delightful and happy your supermarket staff were! Initially I thought it a joke, I assumed everyone had to be taking the piss out of me ( pulling my leg ). I quickly came to realise that in Brisbane people were just genuinely happier, I put this down to a few basic factors; higher minimum wages, excellent public facilities and of course the weather! So, with my new found revelation that everyone is Brisbane is considerably happier than Europe I quickly made my mind up that everything else was better also! And oh boy was I right!


In what other country can you take a short trip to your own inner city man made beach! Only Australians love their beaches enough to build one right smack in the cultural hub of Brisbane! What about the city cat... It’s a taxi service that glides across the narrow, winding river – carrying you quietly and comfortably to your destination! UNREAL! Everything about this small city is designed for convenience and ease, much like our website Available Angels ;)


This leads me onto escort bookings and a genuine, authentic girlfriend experience, as daunting as it can be I have concluded that Brisbane is the perfect place for a first date or first booking with an escort. How could you ever feel uneasy with the constant reminder of just how happy everyone is coupled with the huge variety of outdoor activities, leisure spots and scenic beauty that this postage stamp of a city has to offer! Brisbane’s private escorts are the perfect bunch to take you around this thriving metropolis of Queensland. Whether you love to lay by the inner city beach, or next to a rooftop pool in one of Brisbane’s finest 5 star hotels, there is an escort for your every need and Available Angels can showcase you their detailed availably. Even if you'd like to avoid the flashy 5 star scene, why not head down to West End where the bars are gritty but the girls are pretty! The live music floods the strip, allowing you to throw caution to the wind and just bundle into the first bar you see! They're all riddled with happy go lucky folk, dancing the night away! The small pockets of musical bliss that litter Boundary street will keep you there all night, don't forget to try a cocktail too - they're always that little bit stronger in Brisbane's West End. 


While the rest of the world is stuck indoors complaining about the global atrocities why not step outside of your suburban home and head out into one of Australia’s happiest cities, do this with a private escort on your arm and life will seem even sweeter! So, don’t let another moment pass without acknowledging this wonderful city for all is! Take a look through our gallery of stunning Brisbane Escorts to share these moments with.