Posted On 05/07/2016 by Admin

It is important that all gents who wish to see a Melbourne escort understand some vital pieces of information regarding the State Laws governing the escort industry in Victoria. Below are some tips on how to approach your Melbourne escort, which will help you comply with Victorian Sex work laws in turn keeping Melbourne sex workers safe.

1. Do not request to visit your Melbourne escort at her apartment/hotel:

Melbourne escorts and Victorian escorts are prohibited by law to take In Calls which are so widely available Australia wide. It's a horrible law and it completely disregards the private escort's safety and choice for that matter - but it's the law. Please do not request an In Call in Victoria, book a hotel and visit your escort at your hotel. There are plenty of afforable hotels in the Melbourne CBD and its immediate surrounding. Your efforts to make sure your escort is safe will be greatly appreciated.

If you wish to visit an escort at their premises, please visit a brothel in Victoria. Available Angels will soon be promoting professional escorts based in establishments - watch this space!

2. Please adhere to the security checks your escort requests: 

Due to the laws govering the Victorian escort market, private escorts are putting themselves in danger taking outcals at your private residence or hotel. Please ensure you comply with your escorts security checks. It's for her safety and she shouldn't be made to feel she can't ensure her safety before accepting income. I assure you that escorts are professional and discreet, they also use security checks to weed out the timewasters within the industry. It is not uncommon to be asked to supply the name your hotel is booked under for hotel visits. For private residence visits, I personally ask for a copy of your drivers licence and a utility bill that matches the license. You might think this is extreme, but unfortuantely it's necessary to ensure our safety as sexworkers. 

3. Please pay any travel fees requested: 

Most Melbourne escorts I know travel a minimum of 20 minutes to each booking. Some I hear it's more like 1 hour. Because of the Laws, it's not always known where the bookings will take place. A travel fee is normally $50 - $100 dollars and your escort will really appreicate your kindness if you provide this additional fee, if requested. Please understand that your escort has probably spent over an hour making herself beautiful and then will be travelling to you which could take a minimum of 1 hour. If you're staying in a hotel in the CBD of Melbourne, the polite thing to do is organize parking for your escort. Your efforts will be immensly appraciated. 

To conclude, any gentleman booking a Melbourne escort will be greeted with smiles and your beautiful Melbourne escort will be over the moon to see you. Please understand that the requests above are for your escorts safety. Once the state of Victoria lifts the incall ban on escorts, then you will see a change in the above expectations. However, to ensure the safety of sexworkers, you must still comply with any security checks requested. Once this becomes the legal verification process, sexworkers will be safer, happier and more willing to provide a pleasurable service to fit your wants and needs.