Posted On 15/11/2016 by AA Admin

Escorting is one of the oldest professions, it's even mentioned in the bible!. For as long as a man existed, trading sex for a commodity has existed. Just like food, shelter and water, we as humans need sex, intimacy, love and a connection to feed our deepest human desires. It's in our DNA. With this in mind, it's fair to state escort advertising is absolutely necessary and without it, you may not be able to find the escort your looking for. Throughout the centuries, escort advertising has had to adapt to the changes and evolve with the times. Here is a little snap shot on this very in depth topic on where the future of escort advertising will be headed. Will it actually change our deepest human desires?. 

Before the internet existed escorts promoted adult services in brothels, newspapers, escort agencies or well known meeting spots like a street corner or a bar. Nowadays, escorts can be predominantly found promoting adult services via escort directories. Even with this advancement, brothel's are still very popular method to promote escort services. Both client and escort feel that a brothel is still a great way to partake in escort services because you can meet each other before engaging in sex. You also have an element of safety, privacy and pre-determined pricing, rules and expectations. From a clients perspective, I hear that the fact that the establishments still allow a meet and greet before booking is a huge bonus compared to escort directory advertisements. The initial human contact is something the internet hasn't been able to replace.I doubt it ever will. It's an interesting observation, our industry has evolved so much. However, the old fashioned methods of finding an escort are still prevalent and popular. Technology has replaced lots of things, except human connection and contact. It certainly is trying to replicate this human need, but we all still need physical human connection. It's in our blood. 

It's interesting to note that while social media is becoming a popular avenue to promote escort services. I believe that the reason this is popular is because your able to connect with your clients without leaving the comfort of your own home. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram fit's in with our client's busy lifestyles and they are able to peruse what's on offer and make a date for their lunch break or when they finish work if the urge is sparked. With just one post, escorts let all their clients know what they are up to, sparking the interest in booking their escort services. In a bordello, an escort has to pretty her hair, adjust her outfit and walk in a room with possibly only 1 gent present. Social media allows an escort to spark interest with thousand's of clients with just one simple post. Social media allows escorts to reach their target audience much faster. Escort's can even use social media to share their personality and interests with potential clients without spending time psychically meeting prior. This is certainly bridging the gap and providing a form of human contact online. But does it replicate human contact enough to replace it? 

What does the future hold? Well, if the television show about the upcoming technology advances is anything to build off, we might have the chance to virtually meet escorts before making a booking. We could potentially bridge the gap further and provide the essential element of human contact via a hologram meeting. Could you imagine it? You would be able to virtually meet and connect with your escort before booking her adult services. Or better yet, she might be able to offer a form of sexual services virtually!!! 

It's an interesting thought isn't it. However, I seriously doubt that even with all the advancements in technology and our desire to physically need human contact is stronger and more powerful than anything available online. If brothels still exist and are still popular, there is no way technology will ever be able to replace good old fashioned human contact. It's an essential element in adult services and the escort industry. We all need to be touched, loved and physically in the company of each other. Computers or technology will never replace an escort and what she has to offer. On that note, anyone reading this should get off their computer and book a date with one (or Two) available angels advertisers. Enjoy!