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Because the market is huge and each escort is unique, here are a few important points to help you differentiate from other girls.

Photos: Ad’s without pictures will receive almost no requests. That said, it’s important to use up to date pictures that show you off honestly. Don’t get caught up worrying about your image in comparison to other escorts you may see on directories, just focus on marketing yourself truthfully and clients are much more likely to make enquiries. Not only will you have more success on escort directories but you will also save yourself a lot of embarrassment when meeting a client and they are so dumbfounded because your pictures are not a true representation of what you look like. Keep it honest and it’ll pay off, we promise!

Your blog/ & website: Here is where you can get very unique. Using your website as a platform to express yourself, discuss your interests and rant about your peeves. If done correctly, you can gather a huge blog following. Take Charlie Forde for example, she writes with such charisma and honesty, reading her blogs really does light a fire in my belly – she has the ability to inspire fellow escorts, young and old. Check out some of her stuff here on her website -

Your services: It’s common for escorts to offer the standard GFE or PSE experiences, both very popular and both differing from escort to escort. What separates a lot of escorts, particularly those who have built bon fide brands, is the unique services they provide. Some escorts specialise in Nuru massage which gives them an edge over others. Some offer quite raunchy Porn Star services that are dearly sought after… It’s up to you how you choose to run your business but we recommend branching out and offering something unique that you’re comfortable with.

Booking location Incall / Outcall: If you’re relatively established and comfortable working in your given city/town we’d recommend you locate a suitable incall location, if of course you don’t work from home. The reason being is clients are all about convenience, get yourself an easy to locate apartment or hotel where your regular clients feel comfortable going to. This will help to lock in a consistent inflow of regular bookings and allow your business to grow.

Prices: Here is where it gets tricky. For young escorts starting out in the industry the thought of $800 an hour sounds incredible. Of course all escorts would love to earn that kind of money for an hours work but it’s just not that simple. You could be the most spectacular looking high class escort to ever walk the earth, unless you work hard in the others areas of your business you won’t be able to make that kind of money, just ask the well-established escorts out there – they’ll explain just how hard they’ve had to work to demand the high rates. Price yourself however you want but be willing to change those prices to reflect the market fluctuations that do occur!

Thanks for reading our little blog on how to differentiate yourself from other escorts. The escort industry is very personal so don’t ever be afraid to express yourself, honesty will get you very far in the long run – that’s what we believe at Available Angels.

With love xx