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When we met this young uni student, Kimber and I were blown away with his quick wit, relaibility and aility to adapt to situations easily. I recall Kimber telling me that he basically saved her tour because Joe stepped in to help her unpack from her BIG move at the time she needed help the most. 

They say you meet the right people at the time you need help the most in life - this is especially true when it came to meeting Joe.. He was an angel that fell out of the sky and he has been helping Kimber and I ever since. When the time came to expand our staffing network, Joe was the obvious candidate. 

Joe has been training with Kimber and I for about a month now and has honestly blown us away with his efforts so far. Our assistant is so personable ladies and someone we trust immensley personally and professionally. It's truly a wonderful dynamic to have a male escort assistant on our Angels team. Below is a little blog from Joe and how he felt coming into the Adult industry for the very first time.


Being a young, well-travelled and confident male you couldn’t imagine my confusion and ignorance when I was invited into the world of Brisbane’s best escorts! My curiosity has enabled me to delve deep into the explicit but yet very professional escort industry.

You may be thinking I’m writing from the point of view of an escort, quite the contrary. I have, for the purpose of work, been tutored by two of Brisbane’s most desirable escorts in how it all works. Being behind the scenes but yet still communicating with escorts on a daily basis I have learned far more about this closely regulated industry than I could have imagined.

My life as far as I remember began in Nigeria Africa, growing up with no shoes on and little to fear regarding the outside world. Curiosity has always been at the forefront of my mind and that’s why I am relishing the opportunity to learn more about the seldom discussed escort industry! Professionally I can’t say I’ve accomplished much in the way of a career, however I have dabbled in almost all examples of menial work, from painting fences in the North of Scotland to laying brick in the dry arid heat of Northern Cyprus, my life has taken me through some very interesting and undiscovered places. Now I find myself here in Brisbane working under the guidance of two wonderful escorts, mentoring me about the thriving escort industry, all whilst I study for my bachelor in arts at the University of Queensland.

It is impossible to pin an image and stereotype any of these girls within the escort industry. I have been guilty in the past of using such words like - hookers, Prostitutes and even ladies of the night! All of which are now forever banned from my vocabulary! I have experienced just how serious some of these girls take their escorting profession and believe me, it would blow your mind the effort and perseverance they put in. From preparation to final product, these women provide a service so demanding both physically and mentally that they can only be seen in my eyes as athletes of the social world! It's hard work striving to be the top escort in Australia.  

On the other hand, I have also stumbled across escorts who are more fly by the night. They will escort in their various cities, Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney for a shorter duration (maybe a month or two). These girls are also incredibly professional and what I admire most is their ability to step into the competitive escort industry for a mere couple of months then return to their normal lives, it shows just how mentally and physically taxing the escort industry can be!

Kids, cars and coffees… All things associated with your average woman. Don’t be fooled, escorts have kids, drive nice cars and LOVE the caffeine based drinks that society is so dependent on! What I’m trying to say is, Escorts are normal people! They do normal things and have normal families! Escorts also seem to be overwhelmingly happy people, always bursting from the seams with positive energy. I put this down to their lifestyle choice and independence from the rest of the monotonous cogs that drive our low functioning society. I truly have the upmost respect for the ladies, and of course gentlemen, within the escort industry!


Joe will be assisting us with all tasks related to Available Angels. He will be ensuring you have the BEST escort profile. Joe will also be ensuring that our escorts on twitter are well promoted via Available Angels. Any escorts that wish to speak to Joe to discuss anything are welcome to contact him. He will be working on our escort website Wednesday's and Thursday's to begin. Joe has a flare for writing so you will notice he is our team leader when it comes to interviewing.

He has written a few interviews recently and is showing an exceptional talent to extract thought provoking interview questions which clients are LOVING!.

I really think more male's need to be open to female dominant roles because they truly add another dynamic to our team.

Can't express how appreciative I am of Joe being our escort assistant.