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Escort bios by Joe. 


Escort’s LOVE to write about themselves, although it’s very hard to begin with, once an escort gets going they tend to become rightfully inspired by their own being. Escorts are supposed to be honest and truthful whilst writing bios, they do however have to sell themselves at the same time – it is a business after all! Sydney escorts tend to be focussed on very physical and sexual attributes – this is because of the fierce market they have to contend with. Brisbane escorts are often more relaxed in their bios – using soft terms such as ‘tentative’ or ‘relaxed’ – this is because Brisbane escorts are on a whole very laid back. Gold coast escorts also have a relaxed approach to things, some escorts on the Gold Coast do however appear to be very Raunchy within their bios – advertising almost all their services within their bio’s.


On a whole, an escort bio is there to sell the escort and hook those all-important clients. Regular clients will often chop and change depending on what the escort is offering, sometimes it’s nice to try something new! Escorts use their bio’s to show exactly what it is they offer, sometimes this can be PSE, and very explicit phrases or words will be used within a bio – this appeals to those clients looking for an exceptional sexual experience. Other escorts will leave a lot to the imagination of the client – giving very little away in their escort bio! I personally feel this works a lot better, it’s always nice to use your imagination particularity when meeting somebody else for the first time – like an escort! Escorts will also use their bios to state things they DO NOT DO. This is incredibly important to remember as escorts can be mighty offended if you ask for something on a booking that they explicitly state they don’t do. Escorts can use their bio to include their email address and phone number, they usually will state what mode of communication they prefer and it’s always nice to abide by this.


Finally, escort bios are a very important marketing tool which escorts take a lot of pride over. Reading a good bio can instantly capture your imagination and almost guarantee a booking! I recommend that escorts spend a lot of time on their bios and I recommend escort clients respect these bios as much as possible.


Thank you for reading my blog on escort bios.