JOE'S BLOG: My interaction with the Brisbane Escorts.

JOE'S BLOG: My interaction with the Brisbane Escorts.

Posted On 19/12/2016 by AA Admin

Female escorts in Brisbane are incredibly fun and outgoing.

I was lucky enough to meet a lot of them recently at a Christmas party aimed at encouraging all Brisbane escorts to get together, chat, socialise and share about their experiences whilst escorting in Brisbane. I have to admit for someone relatively new to the industry I was initially shy and reserved, however I was quickly reassured by ALL of the escorts present that there was nothing to worry about! As I settled in I began to feel a level of overwhelming comfort amongst the Brisbane escorts, they were exceptionally open and willing to engage – a quality that is seldom seen these days. Considering a lot of these ladies and gents had never met before it was quite apparent there was an underlying mutual respect for one another, removing all potential bitterness and animosity immediately!


Providing an escort service in Brisbane isn’t always easy.

I learned a lot more about the drawbacks of working as an escort and believe me they are not as simple as you’d think. Without dwelling on anything specific I just want to make it known that some of these escorts have an incredibly strong resolve, coping with a lot more than the average person and still managing to be successful.


I learnt about how the escort industry works, the intricacies and simplicities of bookings. It’s remarkable how varied these bookings can be – obviously the escorts didn’t elude to specific details as that would be against their code of ethics – they did however explain to me how bookings can be from one end of the spectrum to the other and that was very interesting. 


Luckily the escorts in Queensland aren’t restricted too much by sex worker’s laws – in Victoria for instance being a sex worker is quite difficult, there are many rules and regulations that sex workers have to follow to keep inside the law. That said, the majority of escorts I spoke to did often tour to Melbourne for work, meaning they too had to comply with these laws during their tours. The laws restrict an escort from advertising certain parts of their body, for example bare nipples. This makes it difficult for escorts to use just one escort profile on various escort advertising platforms – they then need to create multiple profiles in order to abide by these Victorian laws.


Each escort I spoke to was an independent escort, working solely for themselves. This was great for me as I got to learn how it differs from being an agency escort to independent escort. Essentially an independent escort has to figure out a unique and special way to market themselves. This seemingly proves more difficult as time goes by – in such a competitive industry independent escort have to always be coming up with ways to be innovative with their social media pages and escort advertisement platforms.


Drawing to a close I’d like to mention just how encouraged I was by a couple politically motivated conversations I had with some escorts. It was great to see how working for oneself benefits the escorts with their weekly schedule, meaning they can get involved in politically motivated scenrios within their given communities. 


Thank you for reading my blog! I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New year!