Posted On 02/11/2016 by AA Admin

Blog on escort reviews


I have read my fair share of reviews and I will be honest, I’m not a great believer in escort reviews. I understand the concept and need for escort reviews however, from the point of view of somebody who isn’t an escort, I feel that escort reviews have too much influence than they should! A review is essentially one opinion, and that opinion can be interpreted in many different ways. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing all the time, however when somebody else makes a decision or judgement on a particular escort due to their review I then think it becomes slightly bias and opinionated. This is only my opinion and should not be taken too seriously.


Some of the best escort reviews I have read have been slightly critical, with regard specifically to punctuality and politeness. I suppose when booking an escort one may want to ensure they choose an escort that suits their particular needs and escort reviews are an excellent way to do this. Gentlemen in particular can be very particular about timing, there is nothing more irritating than people being late for meetings in my opinion so maybe it’s the same for gentlemen that book escorts.


I once read a review in a forum that bitterly complained about the sexual intercourse of one gentleman’s booking. This to me wasn’t a review – however a sad man’s attempt to belittle a hard working young escort. These reviews don’t tend to find themselves anywhere prominent for obvious reasons, however people like myself who are constantly researching the industry do come across these reviews and it’s an awful shame.


As much as I don’t completely agree with the concept of reviews I do appreciate them and can see why they are useful to some clients making bookings.


Thanks for reading my blog on escort reviews, have a lovely day!