Posted On 16/11/2016 by AA Admin

Joe’s blog on escort competitions.


I’m all for a bit of healthy competition amongst the escort community. Advertising platforms including ourselves love to keep things active and up to date with simple competitions for the escorts. These competitions usually end up with the escort winner receiving free advertising. This system benefits both parties massively and of course provides a bit of fun for both the escort and escort directory.


We ran a competition whereby escorts would refer clients to our website in turn they’d be given the chance to win a free months advertising. This took off massively and improved our business as well as gave potential clients a valuable platform to book Australia’s most sought after escorts through. I believe that this completion was truly appreciated by the escorts just due to the sheer number of ladies that would send in screen shots of referrals.


We have just launched another competition that involves the escorts on our website attempting to gain as many subscribers as they can. These subscribers will be potential clients who will be looking to book a given escort at a future date. When an escort taps on as available now all their subscribers will be notified and prompted. This is a wonderful feature that our competition really encourages the escorts to use. We at available angels really do appreciate it when escorts take the time to buy into these competitions, we do try to put a lot of effort it making them fun, easy and beneficial for all the escorts involved.


We have some other competitions in the pipeline that will be announced further in the new year we truly hope that all the escorts on our books will get behind our future competitions because I can guarantee if you put the effort in with Available Angels you’ll reap the rewards!


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