Interview on 11/04/2016 with Scarlett Maison

Scarlett Maison - Brisbane Escort

Scarlett Maison is Brisbane’s luxury escort. Blessed with delicate feminine looks, a natural body and a down to earth nature, Ms Scarlett is someone to be proud of not only on your arm, but in your mind. She is a true companion and is one very cool person to chill out with. High class but without the high demands of a brand diva, Scarlett is a rare treat in the adult industry. Let's take a look at why Scarlett is your luxury girlfriend: 

1.   Scarlett, you often spend long interludes away with your clients around Australia. Where are some of your most memorable places?

Definitely the Whitsundays, it’s absolutely magical. My trip to Hamilton Island was memorable, I was very fortunate to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef with a client and it was such an amazing experience. We also kayaked, went jet skiing and I took an art class. We hardly had time to relax by the pool however we had lots of fun!

2.   Hot or cold? Are you a cocktails on the sand in tropical Queensland kind of girl, or a snow bunny on the slopes at Thredbo New South Wales?

Give me hot, humid and sunny any day! I thrive in warm weather and retreat in the cold. I love living in Brisbane and being able to get away to the Gold Coast, Sunshine coast or the hinterland to enjoy the great outdoors.

3.   A wine and food aficionado, what’s on the menu for a luxury dinner date in Brisbane?

Wine and food give me great pleasure and they are always better shared with great conversation. I have a dinner date planned soon for a client's birthday and we are booked into a French restaurant that I’ve been wanting to try for years, it’s called C’est Bon. I’m sure we’ll start with escargot and finish with creme brûlée. I plan to wear an elegant black dinner dress with strappy heels.

I also enjoy casual lunch and dinner dates.
I met a new client for a dinner date at the Waterloo Hotel the other week. I wore a tight pair of jeans and a sexy black top and we got to know each other over a juicy steak with salad and chips. Afterwards we shared ferrero rocher chocolates in bed together.

4.   In French, Scarlett means red and Maison is house. Is your name cleverly planned, or is the double entendre a fantastic fluke?

Honestly, it’s a fluke! I chose the name Scarlett because I love the colour red, it evokes passion and energy. I’m a bit of a francophile so when I needed to decide on a surname I liked the way Maison sounded and voilà! Ms Scarlett Maison was born.

5.   What is a quirk that no one would guess about you?

I know what you’re thinking of Angels, however that’s a secret shared with only a few clients! If you want to learn my quirks come and spend time with me ;-)

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