Caribbean Dream

Caribbean blood, British raised, Sydney-sider, meet the exotic and charming girlfriend escort Rhianna James and her wonderful zest for life.
So much indeed that her opening tagline is "Life is for living, so let’s start now".

Rhianna, is this passion for life why you came to this industry and what joys have you been able to experience as an escort in Sydney, or even elsewhere?

Originally I came into the industry to pay off my mortgages and get myself out of a financial pickle, and when that was reached. I decided to stay on, I have enjoyed every part of it. The fact that I have the freedom to travel not only interstate but also internationally is a huge. In Sydney I get to research the most amazing restaurants that I love to eat at and being a foodie I really enjoy that aspect of being escort.

Professional massage therapist, I’m sure this must be a popular service amongst your clients. You mention this is but one of your talents. Would you share your others with us? 

Yes my clients do enjoy a good professional massage incorporated into our sessions. I have very soft hands. 

I am a professional beauty therapist so I can do make up, nails services, men’s treatments, facials, different kinds of massages. I am also a qualified Aroma Therapist which means I can make creams and lip balms for special skin needs that you may have. Or create a special essential oil to help you sleep etc. My other talents is accounting.

And other professional/business talents that am qualified in. 

On a lighter note, I enjoy cooking and love it.

Intelligence is clear when browsing your profile mentioning your degree and your Twitter feed is sprinkled with trivia games. I often have a crack but some of those are tricky! 

So clearly you're an avid intellect. Do you read fiction too and what book is currently on your bedside table?

Well I don't read fiction, I tend to go for audible books. The one I currently have on my phone is YOU by Caroline Kepnes 
do tend to read a lot of non fiction books and I love history. My biggest areas are movies.

Here at Available Angel, our readers love a bit of variety and coming from London with Caribbean heritage, you are no exception. Tell us about your food loves and do you have cooking skills yourself? The "fresh caught daily" lifestyle of the West Indies is worlds away from the homely stewed lifestyle of the English. Do you fusion these two or have a favourite? 

Since it is extremely hard to purchase the ingredients here, I have to use my imagination. So I do cook rice and pea's which is a popular staple food for Caribbean people. It is easy to source that and so I do tend to cook oven baked fried chicken. 

Lots of salad!! We tend to have it with avocado. There is a fish here in Australia that the Portuguese and Greeks call Bacalhau fish but in the Caribbean it is known as “salt fish”. So I sometimes make salt fish fritters and they are so yummy! Yes I tend to fusion the British and Caribbean dishes a lot. 

Will you stay in the adult industry after your degree? 

I'm not sure, maybe. I still need to do my masters so chances are high during that final phase of my study.

10 things you can’t live without? 

My hair lotion , iPhone, brush, Vaseline, STRONG York shire tea ;-) 

My salt fish fritters, audible books, East Enders (British tv soap).

What is on your Spotify/ITunes playlist right now?

I have itunes and currently I am into an artist called Major - This is why I love you and Jazmine O' sullvian "In love with another man" Michael Bolton " Fathers and daughter", Brandi Carlile "The story" and "Lucid Dreams" by St.Beauty.

I have a quirky one. Would you rather be able to see 10 minutes into your own future or 10 minutes into the future of anyone but yourself? 

I would like to see ten mins of my future Am intrigued to know what it holds for me

Aww Rhianna, what a romantic playlist.

Take note gentlemen. This industry can sometimes be a gateway to the next career (particularly for uni students) so take the opportunity in meeting the beautiful Rhianna today.