There is something about Madison Max

There is something about Madison.
She is upscale, but down to earth.
Trans positive activist and body confidence booster.
A total package, she is an intelligent, funny gal in designer wear but not too posh for a laugh.

Madison, you have really hit the ground running with your escort career. 
You seem to have popped out of nowhere and have gained so much popularity in such a short time. How long have you been in the industry and where did you get your start?

I have been in the industry for a while, however as I have always worked in a corporate capacity or studied, escorting has never been my full-time income.

For me it all started with my transition when I originally worked as a crossdresser before I started hormones. In my early transition becoming a woman I worked to pay for my surgeries in order to not be a financial burden on my family. Much like Madonna’s career mine has also evolved and has had several different looks over the years.

My first paid experience with a man was with one I met in a sweaty busy night club in Sydney that was famous for Trans women. I went out that night with some gay friends dressed as a woman. Dancing, drinking and having a girly time, I noticed this tall stocky man with massive arms, shaved head and a full arm tattoo who was continually looking at me throughout the night.

He approached me a few times, but I was embarrassed and I didn’t want to explain who I was (I didn’t even know how I identified at the time) so I ran as fast as my Payless stilettos could take me to the other side of the night club. Finally, after playing cat and mouse for most of the night, he cornered me between two leather Queens, asked my name and if I wanted a drink. I said no and looked away, he then asked me if he could reward me for my time. The rest is history.

What are you wearing right now?

I’d like to say nothing but a squirt of Chanel no.5, however truth is I’ve got two bleaching teeth trays in, sports bra and grey sweatpants on.

I adore your social media feed. For those who don't follow you, what can they expect to see you posting about?

I love posting about body positivity!
I previously had a love hate relationship with my body before I transitioned, and I never knew why until I figured out. I didn’t like the look of my body when I identified as a male. So now I love posting and reinforcing self-love. I feel it’s so important to love yourself and your body. You can also expect to see the things I adore such as aromatherapy, the gym, cooking, and lifestyle aspects of my stories showing my work as an escort. Oh, and also a cheeky lingerie shot.
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Your speciality is companionship, dinner dates and the girlfriend experience. For new clients, what are some good topics of conversation to discuss with you over dinner?

All the experiences are different however one common denominator that I talk about with my partners (I have partners, not clients) is their sexual interest in Trans women or their intrigue about us. They are intrigued and so am I to hear about what drives their interest, passion and fantasy. We also converse about their life, work and marriage. It seems to come up a lot, marriage is a fickle thing isn’t it? I am always the bridesmaid never the bride. I feel women forget about how sex at times is important when it comes to their marriage. It’s interesting to hear about how the men talk about the love for their wife.

I have done some substantial travel when I used to work internationally on a cruise ship, so I love to talk about travel. I am very easy going and inquisitive, so I find it easy to chat to anyone. I love hearing about life experiences.

Who is your typical partner or is it a range of demographics and personalities?

Hmm what is my typical partner? I don’t have one to be honest and this is what I love about my job. Everyone is different.

One day I might have a nervous young tradie that wants to experience something different, then another day I may have a husband that doesn’t have a lot of anal sex with his wife, and then I might have a famous football player who so happens to secretly love to bottom (if you’re not aware of the term, Google it). Then on a late Saturday evening in a suite high above the city skyline, I might be invited to celebrate an intimate moment with a husband and wife.

I don’t suit a specific demographic at all really as I find life experiences seem to motivate the individual to come and see me.

Oh, I did have two European cousins book me one night at the Rydges in Parramatta once. So it’s really hard (pardon the pun) to pin-point my typical partner.

What happens during a day in the life of Madison Max?

Monday to Friday I wake up at 5:30am and have a protein banana coffee shake (banoffee is my favourite), check emails, chat with my OnlyFans and then get ready for uni. I don’t leave the house without some sort of makeup, even little blush or lippy for the gym or the delivery man. I am at uni most days and then weeknights I work. If I have a day off, I will be studying or if I am lucky enough, and I balance my time correctly during the day, I may be available for bookings. During my uni holidays I also tour around Australia.

Throughout the day I take calls or return calls from potential partners when I have a chance. A lot of enquires are from men that have never seen a Trans woman and want to ask a few questions or know more about how our time will be spent.

Late evenings are spent in the gym. I love being strong, feeling the burn and getting all sweaty. For me the gym has been a great physical and mental outlet to keep me focused and motivated. I feel routine and consistency is a great key to success.

I am in bed early unless I am working, sleeping is my biggest indulgence (besides men). With both I end up on my back!

What are you studying?

That’s a secret.

Childhood music vs adulthood music. What's your jam?

I’ve always loved Madonna, Cher, Elton John, Dolly and the divine Miss M. I am flexible with music much like my bedroom positions.

What is the best part about being a Trans woman in Melbourne, and what changes or attitudes would you like to see more of?

Being different and not being the same as everyone else. It has taken me years to accept the fact that I look and sound different and that is ok.

Melbourne is such a diverse and bright colourful city with many different facets. You can almost go unnoticed if you wish and I love that. I love how it embraces culture, art, fashion and the love of the dark hues. I feel safe in Melbourne. It’s the only city for me I can sit in a cafe alone and not be judged for it.

I’d really like to see more men accepting their Trans attraction and dating Trans women in an open forum without judgement. I feel there is some misjudgement for the men that want to date us, which at times affects their ability to be open about being Trans attracted. Some men are attracted to Asian, Latino, women of colour and some men so happen to like Trans women. We are just another type or style of woman available on this earth.

Do you have a secret talent you'd like to share?

I have this amazing knack of finishing a block of chocolate off by myself.

Funniest Ho moment?

In my earlier transition days whilst my hair was growing and I was working as a crossdresser, I used to wear a wig. I had a partner deep in doggy style, and we had an amazing rhythm going, when all of a sudden, he thought he might give my hair a soft little tug. Well my whole party hat (wig) came flying off! My face was priceless. I still laugh about it to this day with him.

Proudest life achievement?

I don’t have one specific life achievement so far; my life has been an amazing achievement. I am proud to be a double minority, a Trans woman and a sex worker and I think that is an outstanding achievement. To be able to change something about yourself, and for me that was my gender identity, but also to work through that deep personal journey whilst in an industry that is filled with unnecessary judgement. I kept true to myself and that is one of my proudest moments of my life so far. At times we look for the big life achievements to celebrate and forget about celebrating the small wins.

Thank you, Madison.

As June is International Pride month for the LGBTQ community, interviewing you on this momentous season of rainbows was an honour. In particular, I noted your comment about men feeling comfortable in themselves about their Trans interest.

If you are a curious gent remember you only live once.

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