Lillianna Summers | Byron Bay Escort | Interview

Lillianna is a remarkable escort from Byron Bay, she has an inspiring calmness about her. A booking with this beautiful Byron Bay Escort won't leave you disappointed. Let's get to know Lillianna a little more... 

Lillianna, I see you’re going on three tours in the coming weeks! Have you ever toured these cities before? If so, tell us your favourite part of each one…

Yes, I'm looking forward to some new adventures this year.  I have toured Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney and absolutely love going to all these amazing cities.  They're so different.  Brisbane has a very relaxed feel to it and is usually sunny and warm. Melbourne is very sexy and metropolitan, Sydney is hip and beautiful. I'm heading to Canberra on June 21st for the first time.  I'm looking forward to meeting some new clients in Canberra and getting snuggly warm and cosy... :) xx 

Being based in Byron Bay, is it fair to say you have a slightly more relaxed vibe about things? Most escorts I interview are city based and live such fast paced lives… Tell us how life may differ in Byron Bay?

As I have the best of both worlds. I get to travel and experience all the things that cities have to offer and meet new people then get to go home to Byron and enjoy the quiet ocean and beautiful nature. I feel replenished each time I head out again to the city... It's the perfect schedule for me as I need time to replenish and connect with nature and the ocean but really enjoy nice restaurants and the culture of the city and of course, meeting new people.  

We don’t like to get too personal with questions but we do love to find out more about the escorts using Available Angels. Can you tell us what you enjoy to do for fun?

My biggest passion is dancing.  After studying formal dance I now get great enjoyment from free form dance as a method to release tension and express myself through the body.  I also enjoy long walks in nature my favourite being a very special walk behind the dunes of the beach.  I enjoy walking this barefoot as I feel we don't do this enough, connect with the earth and be in the quiet of nature.  

I also like to paddle a bit in the surf and spend time at the beach with friends, clients or by myself.  This time of year (winter) is great for fires on the beach and long beach walks...

I love the natural pictures you upload onto twitter, your marketing is so refreshing and neat, it’s great! You must have a huge collection of lingerie and loose garments. Are you a shopper? If so, share some tips for any Byron Bay passers by…

I'm happy you like my natural approach.  My photos show ME , unedited and enjoying what I do.  I do have a lot of lingerie and bikinis ! I like soft and delicate lingerie but have some really edgy pieces that are oh so sexy... There are many shops in Byron that sell beautiful bohemian beach and casual surf wear.  

You’re clearly a supporter of other escorts in the industry, it’s lovely to see. If you could give any advice to a young escort just starting out, what would it be?

My biggest word of advice would be to make sure to allocate time for yourself.  Don't over extend yourself and be sure to nurture your body with healthy food and exercise and enough sleep.  Also trust your intuition.  If something doesn't feel right, don't do it; something else better will come along.  You are the most important person and you provide a beautiful service and can continue to do so with self love and care. 

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