Interview on 13/06/2017 with Layla Delight


Layla you are forever bringing Delight into our lives with your raw and natural photos! Would you mind telling us just how you keep that body in such good shape?

Personally, I have always LOVED working out. Walking into the gym gives me a kind of rush. Seeing a personal trainer at least twice a week has also been part of my schedule for the last few years. The key to a healthy mind body and soul is a healthy eating plan as well as keeping a sexy & fit appearance. 

I must ask you about your Nuru Massage skills! This is forever growing in popularity and we’d love to know why you chose to train in Nuru and what aspects of Nuru you love best?

While I was a full-time personal assistant, I used to indulge in erotic massage on the weekend, where my mind was blown when I came across the Japanese style.

The word Nuru in Japanese means slippery/smooth and I absolutely love the feeling of my slippery and smooth body on the client, satisfying them sexually while making sure they're the most relaxed they can be.

Being a Melbourne escort would you mind telling us what you love most about the city itself and do you plan to tour anywhere outside Victoria any time soon?

Touring is always on the tables and is a very exciting part of my job but at this stage, Melbourne is the only city in the diary. 

It seems like a pretty generic answer but, I love Melbourne because of its culture. It is obvious that we have some of the best restaurants, cafes and bars. Sitting at a luxurious beautiful Melbourne bar, sipping on a lovely glass of champagne with a client makes me feel so blessed to work and live in such a beautiful city.

Ok ok, you’re at a dinner party and you are allowed 3 guests, dead or alive, who would they be and why?

3 guests dead or alive... 

Elvis Presley - because the night would be screaming with entertainment.

Marilyn Monroe - I think this one is obvious.

My Mum - Because she would never speak to me again if I told her I met them without her. 

Our clients love to learn about what makes an escort tick; her hobbies, interests and fatal attractions. Would you let us in on a little Layla secret and share with us your fantasies, what you desire most when in-between the sheets? 

Well, I can't give away to much, however, every client is different. I have the sense to feel what they need sexually and accomplishing that makes me tick, seeing a person experience pure sexual pleasure is my ultimate fantasy that always becomes a reality, which is why I am lucky to have my job, but after all, it's not about me, it's about the client.